#Out&About: ZOL Promo Fever Grips Bulawayo

ZOL’s unlimited WiFi promotion did not endear the internet service provider to Hararians only but freebies in Bulawayo.

This promotion earned them props in the City of Kings and Queens in the duration of the promotion.

ZOL had a festive promotion offering unlimited WiFi at all its hotspots which started on December  15 was supposed to end on January 15. An extension that lasted till the beginning of this month saw this promotion shut down with ZOL increasing the internet time from 30 minutes to one hour.

This reporter scoured through most ZOL hotspots in Bulawayo found in Chicken Inn, Chicken Slice, NRZ Building, TM Hyper, Bulawayo Centre to mention but a few where she interacted with some few freebies.

ZOLSpot WiFi Login Page

”It took me less than 10 minutes to download a full season of Lethal weapon, that’s just how fast this internet is”, said a very much excited resident of Bulawayo named Percy convinced that ZOL is the way to go.

These hot spots have allowed  people to feel  the incredible uninterrupted speeds of ZOL and this could be convincing and recruiting new subscribers to try their broadband packages. The promotion has also been an eye opener to many Bulawayo citizens that truly Zimbabwean broadband services are not as bad as other service providers. One can access the ZOL spots by going to their website or downloading their app.

ZOL has in the past done such promotions to raise awareness of its hotspots but with the festive promotion the ZOL clients had been spreading the word to friends. The ZOLSpots in Bulawayo offer an hour of free wifi per day but one would not complain with speeds as high as 4.4mb/sec.

The ZOLspots have even come handy to college students who want to do research with the help of brainy Google so in an hour one can do research enough to be able to complete their assignment which could have been a hustle with our normal data bundles. So all the queens and kings in the city do not miss out get your Wifi accessible device and find your spot at a ZOLspot, it’s all worth it.

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