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ZOL discontinues free minutes ZOLspot access



All the  good  things come to an end, but yeah like ZOL said the best things are for free,  but  not  anymore as the covid  induced economic  crunch  continues to bite  the world.

 ZOL has stopped the free 30 minutes of internet access that were  accessible through  various  ZOLspot locations planted all over the country.

This was a major move, connecting  basically  anyone  for those  critical 30min per  day to by pressing matters  or simple online check ups.

ZOL initially started off  by offering  60 minutes free internet access for years and later reduced it to 30 minutes before removing the option of free access and yet to give a public notice.

However  it seems the service  is now officially gone as most sites we checked are no longer offering the free  option, running only  the paid option  for the service


Many users have however reacted to the removal of the free access via Zol twitter handle:

“It is sad to see it go but it’s hard not to sympathise with ZOL. Things aren’t good these days for any business. And I can imagine that they could no longer afford to have that free service up. It seems like the drive now is to get as many people as possible to pay for their services as possible.”

Zol is a Zimbabwean based company focusing on Internet Service Providing.



Crucial Kuwanga

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