ZOL Changing Corporate Colours Too…

Zimbabwe Online, (ZOL) the Internet Service Provider (ISP) for Liquid Telecoms, also a sister company of Econet Wireless Zimbabwe has joined their parent company Liquid, in freshening up their 2014 look.

Just like their parent company, ZOL have not changed their corporate colours, they have merely interchanged them and polished with a much more stronger pitch.

The blue and orange is still there, but interchanged the positions.

Zol offices eastgate
It seems there is much more emphasis on the orange component than the blue colour.

Their offices too have changed colours!

So is their website with orange being picked as the main font colour across the entire website.
There is not any official statement yet about the “rebranding” from liquid telecoms or ZOL their subsidiary.

Nicole Madziwa

Pssst… Liquid Silently Rebranding

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