ZOL CEO quits for Liquid SA


Denny Marandure

ZOL CEO and Chief Commercial Officer of Liquid Telecom Zimbabwe, Denny Marandure has left the Zimbabwean unit of Internet Access Providers to take up a new role in South Africa as Liquid Telecom South Africa Client Executive responsible for Business Development for Cloud & Digital Services.While ZOL Zimbabwe technically no longer exists, after the silent merger into Liquid Telecom Zimbabwe, the former CEO confirmed to TechnoMag that he has left the entity for the South African wing of the business.

Denny Marandure is well known for shaking up the elitist perception that the company had since its inception, and was responsible for driving it all up as the ISP of choice to millions in Zimbabwe.

He also broke news when he introduced the ZOL $59 data package, and yes I clearly remember calling it insane and unsustainable as a business model.

Driving a new phenomenon they called ‘fibroniks’ at the early stage of fibre to homes for many, Denny will always be remembered by Zimbabweans as the man who dared to change the game plan and forced the market to consider access to the internet as a basic human right, which can be accessed by all.

In a letter gleaned by TechnoMag Liquid Telecom South Africa introduced Denny to the team.

“Denny Marandure has joined Liquid Telecom South Africa as a Client Executive responsible for Business Development for Cloud & Digital Services. This is a key role in driving our transformational strategy and we wish Denny great success!

Recently he was the Chief Commercial Officer of Liquid Telecom Zimbabwe. Prior to this role, he was the CEO of ZOL Zimbabwe, the retail arm of Liquid Telecom Zimbabwe,” read part of the letter.

Denny is an adaptive and highly experienced global player with extensive years of experience in providing value to large international global and dynamic Fortune 500 companies such as IBM, Lucent Technologies, PriceWaterhouseCoopers and Verizon Communications LLC. Denny has proven success in building strong client relationships. He is a highly energized team player driven by new challenges and a desire to be successful in all endeavors.

Another top executive Tinashe Nyaruwanga also left ZOL Zimbabwe. He was the Digital Media Manager.

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