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ZOCC reviews its digital media code of conduct


The Zimbabwe Online Content Creators held their Content Creators Code Of Conduct workshop in Harare on Friday

The workshop was aimed at reviewing the 5 year Code and mapping a way forward with regards to the proposed additions and subtractions to the Digital Code of Conduct.

The revision of the Code of Conduct seeks to catch up and embracing the ethical journalism statutes.

Speaking during the workshop, Loughty Dube of the Voluntary Media Council of Zimbabwe stressed the importance of the Code of Ethic for Digital Content Creators .

“This is being done to protect the terrain, ensure credibility and fight fake news,” he said.

The ZOCC chairman Toneo Rutsito said that only members subscribed to ZOCC are bound by digital media code of ethics as they continuously work towards sanitising the digital space.
“Information dissemination is predominantly being done by digital players in Zimbabwe, the masses consume what we propegate and we have a responsibility to remain factual and accurate in our daily chores, however while we are bound this digital code, we can not enforce it against none members”, he said

Issues of fake news and hate speech have proliferated the online space with fake news leading many headlines every day, putting the credibility of online news players at risk.
ZOCC has a challenge to sanitise the space and continuously guard their members against falling in such pitfalls, which predominantly have thrown most media players into disrepute
ZOCC is an umbrella association representing Online Content Creators in Zimbabwe. They promote ethical and credible content creation while defending media freedom, freedom of expression and access to information.

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