ZOCC Castigates Moto Republik Destruction

The Zimbabwe Online Content Creators, ZOCC condemns the demolition of the Moto Republik which housed many online content creators, freelance journalists, innovators and youth activists, an  official said.

ZOCC joins thousands of ZImbabwean who do not want the structure with city council approved plans knocked down. 

In a statement ZOCC spokesperson Sean Moyo castigated the city fathers for initiating the destruction of the creative arts hub.

“The Zimbabwe Online Content Creators, ZOCC, notes with serious concern the destruction of Moto Republik by the Harare City Council and would therefore like to condemn this act in the strongest terms.Motor Republik is a co-working and co-creation space for new media practitioners, artists, creative entrepreneurs, innovators, citizen journalists and youth activists looking for resources to professionalise and launch new big ideas.ZOCC is deeply concerned about the welfare of our fellow content creators who work from Moto Republik,” he said.

“The destruction of the hub runs against the spirit of empowerment and self reliance that the government economic blue print espouses.The city council needs to be sensitive to the harsh economic environment currently sustaining in the country, and must be seen to encourage entrepreneurship and innovation, something that Moto Republik so well represents, rather than be a destructive force,” he added.

He went on to say, “ZOCC is also informed that the plan that Moto Republik has was actually approved by the very city council, and so the calous bringing down of the hub is totally uncalled-for.Where there are areas in terms of compliance with regard to the City bylaws, there are better ways of ensuring compliance, rather than wanton destruction of such an important facility to youth empowerment with seeming disregard for the economic well-being of the young people that use the facility.ZOCC, therefore requests that the authorities settle the matter speedily by engaging in dialogue with the various stakeholders involved.”

Moyo also noted that ZOCC has thrown its weight behind the fight against the demolition of Moto Republik.

“Our organization is in full support of all the necessary actions currently being taken by Moto Republik, which include but are not limited to online protest running under the #SaveMotoRepublik, legal recourse etc,” he added.

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