ZITF Launches An Exciting Mobile App


The ZITF expo highlights are getting more and more interesting as we encroach the momentous annual event. New technology has been revealed that is set to become popular with many entrepreneurs.

Not only  has the ZITF team promised FREE WIFI and Online Marketing to entrepreneurs, they have also gone further by having a mobile app developed for them by  Zeristar Inc.

By Perseverance Tavagwisa

zitf 2014

The Mobile app is a technological breakthrough on its on and deserves special attention, its packed with a many useful tabs that will aid the entrepreneurs to get the most of the ZITF expo.

With the app, information such as  the exhibitors lists with stand location and company profiles is readily available. You can also schedule meetings with buyers and suppliers from the app.

Okay if you thought that was interesting wait a bit, apparently  you also get to capture sales leads too!  Having trouble finding conference information, programme and speakers? Well, that will be ancient history with the app giving you intimate details all the way.

The beauty of it all is that you can install it now and get the snippets before the actual Expo days.By Searching “ZITF 2014” The app is now available for android on the Google Play stores and Apple devices from the Apple App Stores.


What adds the sparkle to the app is the real time social feed section where anyone  logged in can post , comment or interact aiding information desimination or virtually creating a chatroom , hopefully for positive engagements and a scene to share moments.

The upcoming sessions  also make s the app very useful, instead of running around looking for exciting exhibitions or activity, the app has a full map plus programme line up showing in real time the upcoming and current events simply guiding the participants on what is currently trending

The app covers all categories showcasing at the trade fair including



Building and Construction,

chemicals and pharmaceuticals,

clothing and textiles,

consumer goods,

education and training

finance & insurance

food & beverage processing


ICT & Telecommunication

Light & Heavy industrial goods

mining & engineering

Printing & packaging

Social Services

Tourism & Leisure

They have also uploaded their QR code incase you need to spread more info in short simple image to other interested parties.

Expo runs from the 22nd to the 26th of  April and is set to be a platform for networking and discovering new markets.

We are still savoring the initial taste and further update of the app is to be expected

sceenshorts for the ZITF APP

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