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Zinara On A Transparency Trajectory, Allocates ZWL $17 Billion For road Rehabilation


The Zimbabwe National Road Authority (Zinara) has set a budget of ZWL$ 17 billion towards road rehabilitation which will be disbursed to 93 road authorities across the country.

Adressing the press in Harare this morning, ZINARA board Chairperson Dr George Manyaya said the authority was not responsible for the construction of new roads but it merely collected funds and disburses them to road authorities for maintenance of the existing road infrastracture.


The authority has set a collection target of ZWL$ 34 billion from road users through road fees.

“This year’s budget allocation is a 79 percent increase from last year’s allocation of ZWL$ 9.5 billion infrastructure,” he said.

Construction of new roads is done by the government through the Ministry of Transport.

“Zinara is ready to disburse ZWL$ 17 billion in the next two weeks for road rehabilitation and it’s now up to the road authorities,” said Manyaya.

“We are not responsible for who the local authorities contract but our main issue is to urge them to do quality work.”

For 2022, the Department of Roads headquarters will get ZWL$ 6.3 billion, DDF HQ ZWL$ 4.5 billion, Harare City Council ZWL$ 1.1 billion, Bulawayo City Council ZWL$ 338.2 million, Gweru City Council ZWL$ 193.2 million, Mutare Urban Council ZWL$ 163.5 million, Masvingo city council ZWL$ 122 million, Mash East ZWL$ 519.7 million, Mash West ZWL$ 741.5 million, Midlands ZWL$ 661.4 million, Masvingo province ZWL$ 361.2 million , Mat.Noth ZWL$ 524.6 million and Mat South ZWL 495.1 million.

He further added that the authority has installed closed – circuit television cameras at all traffic toll – gates across the country as a way of consolidating revenue inflows.

Once the ZWL$ 17 billion disbursements are done from the ZWL$ 34 billion collection target, Zinara will then channel the remainder towards payment of the US$206 million loan from DBSA that was used to construct the Plumtree-Mutare highway.

Government allocated ZWL$ 43.9 billion towards roads development program from fiscal resources with ZWL$ 20 billion earmarked for the Harare-Beitbridge road.

Under government’s Emergency Road Rehabilitation Program, local authorities are expected to focus on routine maintenance and re-gravelling.

Dr George Manyaya said Zinara has taken a transparent route under the guidance of the Ministry of Transport and infrastracture Development.Dr Manyaya also added that Treasury , will support with the disbursement of $9,5bZWL which will support phase 1 and 2.

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