ZimTickect launches E-Ticketing system


Zimticket LaunchZimbabwe is surely going digital as more and more E-commerce solutions are released onto the market, as witnessed by the launch last night at a local Hotel in Harare, of an E-ticketing system by a locally based ICT Start-up company.

The vision is to see all ticketing done easily at your convenience, for whatever event across the nation supporting both local and international Zimbabweans, cutting the queuing hassles, for a public or private function.

BY Sean Maqhawe Moyo

In what the company described as a first in the country, Zimticket, a wholly-owned Zimbabwean ICT start-up firm launched an Electronic ticketing system that promises to revolutionise the way Zimbabwean organisations and individuals organise events, travel arrangements and related tasks.

Zimticket is a web-based platform where one can book tickets for different kinds of events, functions as well as travel and related needs. What one simply does is go onto the Zimticket website www.zimticket.com and view upcoming sports matches and events.

They also have an application which one can download for free and install on Android devices. When one gets onto the Zimticket platform, one can view all events that are in the offing locally and can choose to book by buying a ticket.

There are several payment options that are available to the ticket buyer as they can pay using mobile money payment systems such as Ecocash, Telecash, Nettcash, OneWallet and Paynow. Those that are outside the country and need to pay for a local event can use Visa or Mastercard.

Speaking at the launch ceremony, Zimticket Founder and CEO, Mr Bright Gumbochuma said that he had first experienced this form of ticketing system in the first world countries that he has visited such as The United States, The UK and South Africa.

He said that the United States has Ticketbiscuit, the UK has Ticketmaster while South Africa has Computicket. These companies are used in their respective countries by large sports and show organizers to sell tickets in advance for their events and functions.

Said Mr Gumbochuma, “I once went to watch a basketball match in New York, where I bought a ticket two months before the game. This is what inspired me to think of introducing this kind of system in Zimbabwe, where the ticketing system used is still the manual one.”

He also added a few words of encouragement and inspiration to local youths saying, “Youths should never fear failure, but go ahead and implement the great ideas that they have, as these have the potential to transform the economy of Zimbabwe.”

Honourable Minister Walter Mzembi, who was supposed to be the Guest of Honour as well as being the one to officially launch Zimticket, acknowledged the innovation of this ticketing system and the power of ICTs in developing the nation, in a speech that was read on his behalf by the director in the Ministry of Tourism and Hospitality, Dr Darlington Muzeza.

Minister Mzembi said, “There are two revolutions taking place in our contemporary times; and these are Travel and ICT revolutions. ICTs have modernised and dynamised the manner in which we do business. ICT technologies bring with them huge benefits that transform lives and bring convenience in doing business.”

He continued, “It’s out of Zimticket’s creativity and innovation in e-business that I see a model that will provide traction to the economy. Government has been promoting e-Government programmes and seeing these young and dynamic youth coming up with ideas that speak Government’s vision is greatly assuring that the future is in the safe hands of innovative young people.”

These (e-tickets) are certainly a convenient way of eliminating the hustle that comes with ticket purchases, as they can be used by organisers of events (think HIFA, Trade Fair, Agric Show), sports, cinemas, etc.

All one has to do is visit the Zimticket and buy a ticket online, which will then be verified by a barcode scanner, as the tickets have a QR code, for verification of authenticity.

When you buy the ticket you can then print it on your office or home printer. The tickets have a QR code that is then scanned at the entrance of the event using a barcode reader. You can now buy sports match tickets, bus tickets plane tickets in the comfort of your home.

Zimticket was presented with a trophy for ICT Innovation from the Minsistry of Tourism and Hospitality. We wait to see how this is going to do in the market. The Zimbabwean market, though slowly coming onboard, has been rather slow in its uptake of E-commerce.
more of the event in pictures here

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