#ZimStartUps: Cullian, An African Focused App With Better Than Skype Functions

These young  Zimbabwean  entrepreneurs are offering you everything Skype has, but slightly cheaper on actual voice calls, better on local  functionality and lighter on data as they make their VOiP based, Cullian Android App go mainstream.

Heeding to the call by ICT, Postal and Courier Services minister Supa Mandiwanzira  to see Zimbabweans develop and challenge other Over the Top Services (OTT) imported into Zimbabwe, a team of Chinese and Zimbabweans recently launched a potentially explosive, revolutionary and disruptive VoIP application called Cullian.

By Kudakwashe Pembere

Cullian, is a VoIP application that allows users to make phone calls to fixed lines and mobile phone numbers at very unparalleled low rates and low data usage.it also searches through your data base or connects you outside the the Cullian network to reach out to more friends.


Just when Zimbabweans and Africans where worried about the ‘highway robbery’ style of pricing local data and voice pricing, the Cullian developers vow not to rest until all Africans forget about the expensive data frets.

“Just this afternoon, using this application I used about 250KB for a 5minute call to South Africa,” said a user by the name Carlos.

Cullian website slider screenshot

The WhatsApp look-alike comes with double the fun as its users can call each other for free while enabling non-users to receive calls with the caller charged what is next to nothing at all.

The Application takes head-on other renowned OTTSs such as Viber, Skype, however one of the team member Tavengwa Sipapate  told TechnoMag that they don’t view WhatsApp as a competitor for it is mainly focussed on calls done via their platform.

Cullian Website Slider Screenshot

“WhatsApp is not that much of a competitor because that platform allows intra app calls as in WhatsApp to WhatsApp calls,” he said.

When making a call, users can connect with their diaspora and local relatives using mobile data and or WiFi.

With rates as low as 1cent per minute depending on the regional destinations whereas the most expensive is 50cents, Cullian is set to revolutionize the VoIP experience for Africa.

Cullian Application USA rates

Sipapate explained that the reason why local calls are 16 cents.

“Well what happens with this 16cent charge for Zimbabwe as opposed to other destination is that we don’t have a VoIP termination route which determines how we price our tariffs. That said we want to talk to local telecoms companies for their termination routes so that users can access cheaper calls,” he said.

Cullian Application Zimbabwe call rates

Sipapate also said they are looking to engage mobile network operators for their mobile money platforms.

“We want to talk to Telecel, Econet and Netone for their mobile money platforms so that users can easily by their credit to use when making calls. This helps us in coming up lower end vouchers which are cheaper

The application is found on Google Play and iPhone App Store.

Minister Mandiwanzira is on record urging young developers to come up with home grown solutions in the form of computer and mobile based applications.

Get ahold of the Cullian team on:
Visit their website by following this link Like and review the application of their Facebook Page Check the app out on Google Play and iPhone App Store

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