#ZimStartups: Kwekwe Startup Creates Angry Birds Look Alike Game


With ICT, Postal and Courier Services minister Supa Mandiwanzira always on record calling  local startups to create homegrown content, a budding Kwekwe based indie game development studio 2.0 (Pronounced as Two point O) recently unleashed a game titled Babu. Babu is an arcade game, almost similar to Sky whale and Angry Birds.

According to the developers, a player presses buttons on the screen to fly through the sky collecting bananas to keep Babu (player character) up in the air, using clouds and other awesome boosts to fly higher and further.The main objective of the game is to fly the furthest distance you can.

“In this free-to-play game Babu, the player presses buttons on the screen to fly through the sky and space collecting bananas to keep Babu (the player character) up in the air! Using clouds and other awesome boosts to propel Babu higher and further.

“The player has to watch out for storm clouds and meteors lurking in the skies or equip shields to protect themselves. Through collecting and earning coins the player can unlock awesome boosts such as rockets, jet-packs, propeller hats, firing barrels, slingshots and rainbows, which will help blast Babu further and higher than before and setting new high scores!,” notes the developers.

Watch the Game’s Official Trailer below

Gerald Gombiro founder of 2.0, said they expect many Zimbabweans to support this homegrown game.

“We are really excited about this release. The simple to learn and relaxing one tap gameplay combined with the fun physics based mechanics and absolutely gorgeous graphics are sure to keep the players engaged, addicted and excited. We expect this game to go viral, but most of all, we look forward to people enjoying playing it,” he said.

2.0 is an upcoming indie game development studio based in the small city of KweKwe, Zimbabwe. It is expecting to grow and build a team of professionals purely focused on creating engaging games.

The Game is on Google Play Store

The Game Developers can be found on details below




Twitter: https://twitter.com/2pointO_games

Google +:  https://plus.google.com/b/114062519185972162839/114062519185972162839


[email protected]

[email protected]

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