#ZimStartups: #GoogleDevFest Harare Roars To Life

The Google Dev Fest Harare kicked off yesterday with varied highly engaging presentations from web based and mobile based application developers and entrepreneurs.
The biggest and annual event for Google developers saw its highest attendance which included developers, entrepreneurs and students from local universities and colleges.

By Kudakwashe Pembere

Speaking to the organizer who is also the Sadc mentor for Google Developer Groups Andrew Sithole after the event he said Google Dev Fest was meant to bring software developers together

“The Google Dev Fest is the biggest and annual event for Google developers for Google developer community world wide. Its a season whereby large events are run by the google developer community.

“The Google Developer groups are just  communities of software developers interested in knowing whats new or understanding in depth some of the features and facilities brought up by Google Developer Technologies,” he said.





The organisers said they had the best attendance record this year compared to the previous Google DevFests.

“We have over 80 people that’s the biggest number we have ever had since 2013 at Harare Institute of Technology where so many students came. Ever since that one, we have never had such a big response from the people like the community without the students.

Road Rules's Tawanda Chikosi

Road Rules’s Tawanda Chikosi

“Right now it has amazed me because we have a very few students inside and  we have the real developers and real entrepreneurs coming in speaking and  sharing what they have. So i would say its really a big thing to me. I think that’s the best we have done so far,” he said.

Irene Chikumbo at Google Dev fest Harare

Irene Chikumbo at Google Dev fest Harare

Various speakers ranging from developers, and entrepreneurs shared their experiences and knowledge on how trending technologies can be used to assist Africans.

Google developer Kudzai Chisinda

Google developer Kudzai Chisinda

“We have technologies like  Firebase, Google Play Store, and Progressive Web Apps, so there are the main technologies. We had speakers that spoke on entrepreneurship in Zimbabwe  and the ecosystem.

Google Developer John Mangirazi

Google Developer John Mangirazi

“I believe that our participants should be ready to go out there and become successful entrepreneurs and successful tech startups that help raise Zimbabwe’s GDP and help raise everyone’s standard of living with their technologies,” he added.

Some of the notable speakers included RoadRules co-founder Tawanda Chikosi and Social Entrepreneurship Bootcamp founder Irene Chikumbo. They imparted their knowledge on the journey of a startup.

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