#ZimStartups: Gap365 'Bridges the Gap' between Businesses and Consumers

Gap365 is a Zimbabwean startup founded by Tafadzwa Moyo aimed at connecting consumers, suppliers and businesses.

Speaking to TechnoMag, Moyo said Gap is a platform where one requests whatever they like and a ready supplier will be waiting to provide the desired service or product.

By TechnoMag Reporter

“Gap365 is a platform designed for regeneration and conversion. By regeneration, we are saying it goes and hunts for customers.

“If you are in business and you are looking for people to buy your service and product, this platform already has people looking for your product or service and they are ready to pay for your services,” he said.

“As you know startups they grow on the fly, they develop on the fly. This year we started in July and we have our first version, its about six weeks old now,” said Moyo.
The application which is web based and mobile based caters for consumers and businesses.


“So if you are looking for something that you want  to buy, you can make your request  on our website gap365.co or you can download our android app Gap 365 on Google Play Store.

Gap 365 on Google Play store snapshot

Gap 365 on Google Play store snapshot

“For businesses which  provide  services or sell products, they can go to www.gap365.co, they log in and they can see the queries that people have.

“So we have categories ranging from cars, accommodation to clothing, to   just about anything that people want to buy right now.”

The app can also thrive from WhatsApp or Facebook bundles so that users forget about paying for usual internet data.

He also said the platform saves users time to look for items they want to buy while on the business side, the suppliers are already ‘supplied’ for them.

The startup has closed 85 percent of its deals and gets 500 unique visitors daily.

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