#ZimStartup: Zim Science Fair Director for Australia

Zimbabwe Science Fair director Knowledge Chikundi will today leave the country for Australia for the Australian Awards Fellowship to train in Science Communication.

He will be trained at the Australian National University.

By David Zvina

Speaking to TechnoMag, Chikundi said he will return in June this year with a lot of key take-outs from Australia.

“I was awarded the Australia Awards Fellowship to be trained in Science Communication at the Australian National University. I wiĺl be joining other fellows from across Africa this month in Australia.

“I will be trained to perform exciting and interactive science shows. And I want to implement all the skills gained when I come back in June this year,” he said.

“I was selected because of my passion for science advancement and all the activities I’ve been doing to promote STEM in Zimbabwe through the Zimbabwe Science Fair,” he said.

Reflecting on some take-outs he received in USA at an Arizona State University Fellowship program , Chikundi feels much needs to be done in the country in hyping the concept of sustainability.

“Well, I didn’t know what sustainability is myself. So the number one need for Zimbabwe is to raise awareness.

“And once we raise awareness about the need for sustainability and to prove that it’s possible to be sustainable, people will start to make sustainable economic and social decisions. So in a move to achieve this I’ve launched a new initiative called Sustainability Gala Africa,” he said.

Chikundi was part of the Sustainability Solutions fellowship program at ASU.

“In America we were being trained in Sustainability Solutions initiatives for Science Museums. It was proven that people trust science museums for information. Therefore the Arizona State University started a Fellowship program for science museum professionals. We will be spreading awareness for sustainability,” he said.

He was one of the two Africans selected for the program.

“Out of the 20 selected outstanding science professionals from around the world, we were only 2 Africans and I was very proud to be one,” said the ZSF leader.

Chikundi also learnt Biomimicry in America, a concept he will start demonstrating in July.

“We were taught about Biomimicry which is an effort to emulate nature in coming up with innovations. So we’re going to get some kits to demonstrate that in Zimbabwe starting in July this year,” he said.

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