#ZimStartup: This App Helps You Avoid Roadblocks

Roadblocks have become a menace on every Zimbabwean road over the past few years. to the extent that motorists wish their cars could just fly over these numerous roadblocks just to escape from the now greedy traffic cops.

Thanks to the road alert application which  seeks among other things to end the  element police roadblocks surprises.  Speaking during the Facebook bot event, the developer said the hustle motorists go through everyday was the major driving force behind development of the roadblock App.

By David Zvina 

Through cloud sourcing we came up with idea of mapping out specifically were police have set out their road blocks to inform people so that they can make up informed decision about how they travel stated the developer,” said the Developer.

The roadblock  alert app alerts motorists on possible roadblocks and where they could be stationed at any given time.

The application  also has a feature where one  can access traffic act laws and information  such as  the specific amount you have to pay for fines, procedures to undertake during payment of fines as well as basic road rules.


roadblocks have become a permanent feature in Zimbabwe.

Once having ascertained what category one is interested in, the application will send a photo with the information  requested and you can download  the image.

Through this application, one can also type the word roadblocks on his facebook page, enter his current location as well as intended destination, and the application will map up all the roadblocks between where you are and where  you want to go on Google maps and you can navigate your way.

The intention of this application is not to aid the unholy citizen to navigate through the law enforcement roadblocks but it intends to guide and alert the Zimbabwean citizen about the police locations and the rules that dictates the roads.


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