#ZimStartup: Mitupo App Anables Users to Recite their Totems

You might probably know of people who like to be thanked via totems also known in the Shona vernacular as Mitupo and isibongo in Ndebele. Most these Shona people used totems to identify different clans that made up the ancient civilisations of the dynasties.

 The symbols are usually associated with animal names and provide the social identity of the clan. They are also meant to guard against incestuous behaviour and to praise someone in recited poetry. 

 Inspired by this Quality Data Solutions Head developer Richwell Phineas created an application called Mitupo. Phineas while speaking at a Computer Society of Zimbabwe event last week, Phineas said that he was driven by the need ti glocalise some applications to suit the local needs.

 “I remember discussing with a friend that the situation we have is that we have all these platforms, we have these applications and softwares especially for education.But the challenge we have is that we are not customising from outside. When you do that people are hesitant to adopt the new technology

Quality Data Solutions CEO Richwell Phineas

“People have reservations, some cultural, some background. So I developed a Shona application some three years ago believing that with time it will have some influence,” he said

Some totems on Mitupo App

The application greets users with a section ‘Chingamidzo’ which is looslely translated as Greetings.

“Tinokuchingamidzai nemufaro kudunhu rino muchamhepo imo mumatenga pambozharunhare dzenyu dzemucheno idzi, pamatombo ekunyorera nekuona nyika nepamakombiyuta enyu (We joyfully greet you in this world of smartphones and tablets and computers),” reads the introduction on the section.

Instead of hanging the totem charts in one’s house, this application lets you know the totems straight from the palm on smartphones.

The application found on Google Play Store restores family pride as totems symbolise that.

 The developers can be contacted on 
Mobile number: +263773222327
Email: [email protected]
or on their website:http://www.qds.co.zw/mitupo

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