#ZimStartup: ImpactHub Harare Calls for Accelerate2030 Applications

Impact Hub Harare is inviting applications from interested entreprenuers to be part of Accelerate2030.

Accelerate2030 is a 9-month programme co-initiated by Impact Hub Geneva and the UNDP, with a mission to scale the impact of ventures that contribute towards the Sustainable Development Goals internationally.

ImpactHub joined the Accelerate2030 initiative this year and opened applications on May 3.

“This is our maiden year. The official launch was in April and we opened applications on 3 May,” said the Hub’s coordinator Tawanda Zinoro who added that the, “Deadline is 2 June.”

Accelarate2030 selects the best ventures from 16 countries including Zimbabwe, across 4 continents and connecting them to our wide network of expert partners that work with us delivering a tailored, needs-based scaling support to the finalists.

Impact hub discussion

To apply, visit this  link


Activity focused on developing and transition countries.

Registered in one of the participating countries.

Values and solutions are clearly related to one or more of the SDGs.

The enterprise works on solving an important social and/or environmental problem using an innovative approach.

Min. 2 years since incorporation and start of operations.

Innovative and tested solution beyond prototype stage.

Existing sales over the past year, with more than one paying customer.

Proven business model.

Have a successful track record in initial financing (seed) of their venture.

Minimum 3 full-time employees (incl. founders, excl. advisors).

Demonstrated efforts for scaling and demonstrated interest from other countries for cross-border scaling.

Some demonstrated potential and actual impact calculations. May not have comprehensive impact measurement systems in place.

It is registered as an NGO or business (for-profit entity). If it is registered as an NGO, then the project should have a clear business model and a hybrid structure.

The enterprise is not able to finance its international expansion through its internal resources.

Maximum revenue of USD 5 million in 2016 or before.

Maximum net profits of USD 1 million in 2016 or before.

Accelerate2030 selects finalists  finalists based on their…

Clear Problem Definition and Impact Linked to the SDGs

  • The venture’s solution is addressing a clearly defined problem linked to one or more of the SDGs
  • The venture has already started making measurable impact on one or more indicators of the SDG Targets
  • The venture has the potential to make considerable further impact on one or more of the SDG targets


Innovative Approach and Collaborations

  • Demonstrates an innovative approach in addressing the need. The innovative approach could include either an innovative solution and/or an innovative business model.
  • Demonstrates collaborative approach to solve the problems. Collaborations with government, private sector, academia, NGOs, and civil society are in place.


Market and Scaleability

  • There is clear evidence of market demand for the product or service demonstrated by sales and market share for the last few years in the country of operation.
  • The solution and/or the business model can be replicated and scaled to other countries
  • The venture has an international growth plan and strategy for 2017-2019
  • There is clear evidence of market demand for the product or service demonstrated by interest from partners or customers in other countries.

Social Dimension

  • There is a clear focus to integrate underserved populations into supply chains, and/or as employees, and/or as customers
  • There is demonstrated attempt to strive for equal opportunities (gender, race, religion, etc.) in the team, and other activities of the venture (supply chains, employees, customers
  • The venture distributes, or plans to distribute part of its profits for employees, and/or other social purposes.


  • The team demonstrates appropriate skills, languages, motivation, commitment and ambition to grow the venture and to scale their solution to other countries
  • The team has enough absorption capacity to be able to benefit from the cross-border scaling support


  • The venture has a successful track record in financing its operations and growth.
  • The venture has a clear financing strategy for the next 2 or 3 years.
  • The venture is likely to become cash flow positive from operations in the coming 1-2 years.

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