#ZimStartup: Fork and Knife: The App That Caters For The Hungry

IF you are hungry and probably tired to go out get some food then the  ‘Fork and Knife’ app can come in handy.

Going with the mantra  , ”Hungry?Grab fork and knife app”, Web263 Pvt Ltd, the developers of this app say this is an online and mobile food ordering and delivery platform that connects dinners with local takeout restaurants.

By Marvelous Chibagidi

‘Fork and Knife’  awaiting  some final touches will be launched on June 2 this year. 

“This means that you literally have Mugg ‘n’ Bean, Sopranos, Queen of Hearts and many others at your finger tips even when you are in the comfort of your office,” .they say.

With crew doing all the necessary research to ensure the application comes out spick and span, the developers are certain that by end of May , Fork and Knife will be ready for consumers and service providers.

Food delivery services are trending globally.

Sadly not many diners and take-aways offer delivery services but with this app deliveries can be arranged.

Fork and Knife head developer Lawrence Jena said they are ready to take on the local and regional market.

”We have done our homework and taken time to fine tune our product before we launch , I don’t see anything stopping us from shaking the market in Zimbabwe and maybe SADC”, talk about big dreams.,” he said.

The Fork and Knife crew were part of the start-ups who exhibited at the Zimbabwe ICT Innovation fund pitch night in Harare last year which  was their first exhibition hence a confidence booster.

The Fork and Knife crew commended the government through the ministry of ICT, Postal and Courier Services and the Postal, Telecommunications Regulatory Authority of Zimbabwe (POTRAZ)  for the great initiatives like the Zim ICT Innovation fund. Jena said the platform was not only about the prizes and the money but provided them with exposure.

After its launch on the 2nd of June one can then access the App on Appstore and Googlestore.

”Take your time ,first impressions make lasting impressions”, words of advise from Lawrence to fellow innovators. It is better to take your time and make a long lasting impression than rush and end up with a rough project.

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