ZimStartup: Chikundi promotes Sustainability Science

Zim Science Fair director Knowledge Chikundi is set to launch the inaugural Sustainability Gala Africa meant to advance sustainability science on the continent.

The Sustainability Gala Africa is a travelling exhibition for the advancement of sustainability science in Africa in a fun, inspiring and entertaining way through live show performances on sustainability principles and issues.

“The Galas will also feature music, art and literary work. It will involve schools, colleges and communities on the African continent in an experimental path on sustainability issues,” said Chikundi.

Chikundi who is also a Fellow of the Arizona State University Sustainability Solutions Initiatives said the gala will initially be launched in Zimbabwe before spreading it to other African countries.

On the launch date, Chikundi along with his partners will do some sustainability demonstrations while school students shall show case music, dramas, art and presentations on sustainability.

The launch shall be followed by a weeklong travelling exhibition in local schools and colleges.

Despite the developments being attained is Africa, there are major challenges that need development of new approaches for development. Such an approach is to empower young people and the public through education on sustainability on the three pillars; Society, environment and economy.

The gala seeks to inculcate the culture of sustainable development among youth.

“Tomorrow’s sustainable development is in the hands of the younger generations, and the SGA will mostly work with schools and colleges so Africa’s future can learn how to respect and protect the environment as well as making sustainable economic and social decisions. SGA events will also be held for the general public.

“The underpinning principle for SGA is to impart sustainability awareness upon practice and everyday individual actions to change collective behaviour patterns.

“The SGA will promote behaviours and lifestyles marked on the principles of sustainable development among African communities, with special reference to relevant sustainability issues in the communities,” said Chikundi.

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