ZimStartup: Chikosi Flies Zim Flag High in Netherlands

Effervescent local startup Road Rules’ founder Tawanda Chikosi travels to Netherlands for the HiiL Justice Entrepreneurship School 2017.

The school starts today to end on December 6. Roadrules was named winner of the Southern African Innovating Justice Boostcamp hekd in Johannesburg recently, walking away with EUR5,000 (US$6,000) in cash.

The overall winner of the Boostcamp event was Zimbabwe’s Road Rules, presented by  Chikosi. Road Rules aims to educate drivers about the laws governing Zimbabwe’s highways, and to equip Zimbabweans with traffic laws and regulations to assist them in resisting bribes.

Chikosi shared the good news with his Facebook family.

“In July of 2014 when we started chasing our Road Rules App vision, we never even imagined that the journey we were starting then would today lead me to The Hague, Netherlands.

“There are times when we felt like just giving up but we refused to give in to the stress and kept pushing, little by little by God’s grace.

“You never know where the Lord who gives you an idea, thought or vision wants to take you friends! So chase your vision, #showup, #keepgrinding & #nevergiveup,” he said.

The startup secured the cash prize and a place at HiiL’s Justice Entrepreneur School (JES) in The Hague this December. The JES is a specialist business accelerator designed to aid justice innovations.

Joining Chikosi at the JES will be Samantha Ngcolomba of South Africa’s Lady Liberty, which has designed and built a mobile legal office which enables lawyers to visit remote areas and offer assistance around family law issues.

“Justice entrepreneurs around the world are providing access to justice in their communities through innovative apps, services, platforms, ideas, or initiatives. The HiiL Justice Accelerator scouts, supports, and accelerates these initiatives to expand their impact and improve their sustainability.

“The HiiL Justice Entrepreneurship School is a programme designed to bring the most promising of these entrepreneurs to The Hague and, through the use of experts and partnerships, teach and develop core entrepreneurial skills.

“We also invite partners from around the world to offer further support to the innovators,” said HiiL in a statement.


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