Carl Mastered Comedy, Now Invades The Net.

Having mastered comedy in Zimbabwe and created shockwaves as a brand to reckon with, Carl Joshua Ncube is not only stopping as the guy full of humor but going beyond the set limits as his gifts continue to create more room for him.

Starting up in Zimbabwe is no walk in the park, but for those who have made some impact, they will attest that the internet has brought serious opportunities and problems, depending on where one eventually finds self in this digital age of disruptive technology 

A depiction of being multi talented is Zimbabwe’s ‘Carl of multiple Trades’ who seemed to have mastered all of his trades and is doing exceptionally well in each and every one of them.

By Kudakwashe Pembere

To those who do not mind having their ribs split with laughter, he is a comic. Should you be hungry and in need for great recipes he is your gourmet. And if you are a travel fanatic, he is your travel guide. Carl  is also a marketing strategist and an animator.

He likes to describe himself simply as a creative.

“I am creative. I cook make people laugh design and do motivational talks, I do business strategy specifically in marketing . Everything to me is all about creating products and visibility opportunities for brands.

“So I am constantly creating and pushing boundaries and limits in my craft to open up spaces for brands associated with me,” he said.

Carl with wife Nelsy Pic Credit Facebook

“I do all this while having fun travelling the world with my amazing wife

He has truly been “the new face of Zimbabwean comedy” according CNN African Voices. Carl Joshua Ncube is bringing the spotlight on Zimbabwe and as a result on the growing Zimbabwean stand up comedy scene by his relentless drive and ambition to tell his story to the world!

The multitalented creative still feels much needs to be done in terms of educating the audience.

“A lot of work is still being done to educate audiences, promoters, politicians and sponsors. They need to understand the craft. For example people still think an actor in a comedy skit is the same as a stand up comedian,” he said.

Added Carl, “So we work to open up spaces for comedians to be nurtured like Simuka Comedy  or Umahlekisa are established comedy brands run by Simba Kakoraand Ntandoyenkosi Moyo respectively.”

He also gave an important cheap tip for aspiring comedians.

“Comedians wanting to get in the game must prepare their joke or two and get to an open Mic night and learn by watching other comedians,” he said.

Carl on his Late Night with Carl Show

“I wouldn’t say easy. I would say more opportunities are available to me but that’s what makes the job harder. For example I can access more comedy promoters around the world with $1 of data but then it means the quality of my comedy has to grow and be more appropriate for foreign audiences which means investing every cent I have into travel,” he said.

According to Comedy Central Africa “Carl Joshua Ncube has been the funniest comedian Zimbabwe’s ever produced” after being recently featured on an all star lineup at the Comedy Central’s International Comedy Festival BEST OF AFRICA in SOUTH AFRICA where he joined an ensemble cast of some of the best comedians in Africa, the festival also featured comedians like Jeff Ross, Hannibal Buress, and Aries Spears .

Carl has been breaking barriers to bring Zimbabwean stand up comedy to the world. Having performed in Australia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, Singapore, USA,  Nigeria, Kenya, Uganda, Zambia, Malawi, Botswana, Namibia , Ivory Coast and South Africa. Where he has been a part of a number of festivals on the African continent namely Nite of a Thousand laughs , Johannesburg International Comedy Festival , Harare International Comedy Festival , Soweto Comedy Festival , Africa Laugh Festival , Presidents of Laughrica , Africa Laughs and Stand up Africa.

​He is a constant feature at some of South Africa’s leading comedy clubs Parkers Comedy and Jive , Goliath Comedy Club and the Capetown Comedy Club which was recently named as one of the top 10 of the best comedy clubs in the world .


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