#ZimStartup: AuctionIT Simplifies Online Auctioning

The online classifieds space is the most booming platform in Zimbabwe and across the globe. There are thousands of advertising groups on Facebook created by Zimbabweans to facilitate trade of several items such as cars, cellphones etc.

AuctionIT is an Android application developed to simplify trade between buyers and sellers. The application developer from Frampol, Fanuel Mpanje said the groundwork started last year.

“We started developing this app late last year and we published it on Google Play in March this year,” he said.

The application works just like Facebook groups but has more features. On the application buyers post advert announcing what they will be selling. Once an ad is posted, buyers can bid. As is the rule for auctioning, the highest bidder gets the item.


On Google Play the application has over 100 downloads. Frampol Marketing and Projects Management officer Aubrey Chacha  said the response they have received is reassuring.

“The application is still new to the market but I have to say the response we are getting from users is encouraging. AuctionIT is getting a lot of positive traction,” he said.

Another feature that makes AuctionIT a must have is that when one posts an advertisement of the application it also gets propagated on their Facebook platform.

“When one advertises an item on our application, it also gets onto our page which has over 11 000 fans within a short space of time that we released the application,” said Chacha.

Mpanje said since Frampol is a budding company, their major challenge has been that of few number of people to test the application.

“Unlike large companies that have many people working there, one of the few challenges that we have had was testing the app. Here were are just few but nonetheless, the application testing was done and it is working just fine,” he said.

“Then the othe challenge we have is that people are confusing the application with the Facebook page. They are using our Facebook platform to advertise their items bypassing our application.”

But Chacha said they are modifying the application and Facebook page to ensure that people wont bypass their application straight to Facebook.

“We are working on a feature right now whereby when one posts an item on facebook it will be accompanied by a link of our platform,” he said.

The  AuctionIT developers are working on developing an iOS version of the application.

“AuctionIT on iOS is almost complete. We finished the app development and right now we are on the testing it. I can say within a fortnight it will be ready for release,” said Mpanje.

The application that can be downloaded for free on Google Play Store is compatible with Android devices running on version 4.2 up to Android 6.

Download the app here 
Visit their website here
And their Facebook Page 


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