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Zim’s Cryptocurrency goes viral


Zimbabwe’s digital asset designed to work as a medium of exchange dubbed ZASH has taken the local digital business by storm amid revelations that it has so far signed up more than 30 000 subscribers since its inception almost two years ago.

The cryptocurrency is a brainchild of a South African based chartered accountant Philip Haslam.

The idea was birthed in November 2018 in a bid to replace hard cash with digital currency just like how bitcoins function.

Traders or subscribers are bound under the name Zimbocash – a community where people meet to trade using ZASH.
Apparently, this idea has gone viral at a time the local currency is losing value with each passing day. Almost everyone on various online platforms is talking about it.

The more people who join the community, the more value ZIMBOCASH will have for everyone. It’s called the Network Effect and is the reason why bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies have so much value.

To join the community, you visit and click the sign-up button and follow the instruction.

New subscribers will automatically receive 3125 ZASH which is equivalent to USD$10 redeemable to ZASH registered agents.

“If you in Zimbabwe all you need to do is log into to your website and confirm your cell phone number. And then you can start making and receiving payments,” the company said.

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