#MondyBlues: Why Zimra Suspended Gershem Pasi, ICT  Director.


The  Zimra ICT system has been the tool and loophole used which caused heads to roll seeing the commissioner general Mr Gershem Pasi, his ICT director and four other bigwigs being suspended effectively while investigation into the matter continues, #MondayBlues has learnt

The recently suspended are Sithokozile Mrewa (human resources director), Annah Mutombodzi (customs and exercise commissioner), Tjiyapo Velempini (ICT director), Clive Majengwa (internal audit director ) and Charlton Chihuri (loss control director).

By Sting

Latest report states  Mr Pasi`s 2015 Toyota Land Cruiser had an accident in Newlands  and the police discovered that it was improperly registered  as a Toyota Raum,a low cost budget car in a move which was meant to evade tax.

The discovery is however believed to be a straw that broke the camels back as there has always been sniffing around Pasi, whom they could not get enough evidence till the latest developments which was used as a striking moment.

The same Zimra system exactly a year ago was believed to have crushed and forced cargos to be held for 5 days without clearance amid network optimization efforts..

Central Intelligence Officers were swift to  add their vice into the investigation, which ordinarily is not a case of national security, but national interest.

The Zimra ICT director Mr Tjiyapo Velempini has the keys to the systems which is facing manipulation and now suspected that many more vehicles and other imports were misrepresented at the borders as the Zimra boses ae now being investigated.

Sources close to the development allege that the Zimra system had holes and could be tampered with to alter or modify entries to avert duty charge.

Their latest positive effort was the Zimra e-services system which is cutting queues and allow Zimbabweans self services online to deal with daily demands of tax clearance issues.

Pasi is no stranger to tax evasion controversy, he was was alleged to be a shareholder of the collapsed Tetrad but  clarified that he does not own shares in Tetrad Investment Bank, which owes government more than US$1,69 million in taxes, but instead has shares in the bank’s holding company, Tetrad Holdings.

To date Tetrad Bank is currently under judicial management and has a non-performing loan book of 99%.


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