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Zimpost Branches Now Offering Vehicle Number Plates Service


With an estimated 80 000 Zimbabweans currently on the waiting list to collect their vehicle number plates, Zimpost has come in handy as they extend their largest network and service to help ease the crisis.

With immediate effect, Zimpost  has started extending this service from their offices, decongesting the  CVR and  offering convenience to masses who have been struggling to collect number plates amidst foreign currency challenges and channel delivery complexities.

Speaking to the Zimpost Postmaster general  Isaac Muchokomori, said four selected Zimpost offices in Harare, Chitungwiza and Bulawayo with more to follow as the program is rolled out are already rolling  out the service.

“We are at an advanced stage doing an Agency & Government Business Centre, in the same model we did the Post Money Centre.
This will house a government Services Fulfilment Centre, that speaks to provision of all government Services through the Postal Network.
The work that we are already doing for Praz, Zinara, CVR, Zbc, Judicial Services will propel us to our vision for a One Stop government fulfilment Center ” said  Muchokomori

The Central Vehicle Registry (CVR) has partnered Zimpost to facilitate that motorists can  collect number plates from the nearest post office as the Government moves to decentralise and clear the backlog.


The accelerated issuance of number plates will assist clearance of the backlog bringing relief to motorists, some of whom were going for months without proper metal number plates and having to rely on the temporary cardboard issues.

The backlog started with a shortage of plates, but efforts to get everyone to collect their plates were drawn out at the limited facilities at the CVR.

The return to proper availability of plates should reduce the number of people going about committing crimes using unregistered vehicles.

To curb such incidents, the Zimbabwe Republic Police and the Zimbabwe National Road Administration are working together to eliminate vehicles without number plates with an estimated 80 000 vehicles requiring plates.

Number plates cost US$80 and it takes two to five days to secure them.


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