Zimclick A “Local Facebook” To Be launched

By Wislon Mtetwa

We stumbled upon news that a Zimbabwean youth,  Artwell Makumbe  will be creating what we loosely  termed a Zimbabwean version of Facebook.

According to this report, Makumbe was quoted to be creating a social network platform with so much more features to aid the social networking experience, a resemblance  of  facebook or ambitiously better.

Makumbe said “The site has new features such as sandbox, ajax browsing, theme management, market place, blogs, ad campaigns, video and musical sharing, multilingual with Shona and Ndebele ,instant messaging, member profiles, ad campaigns and user groups.”

We tried to quickly look up that but unfortunately the website we picked www.zimclick.net  had really nothing to show yet. It looks like its still under construction and in the next few days, he will be ready to deliver.

zimclick home page


They have been many other social network websites in Zimbabwe and names like Webdev`s SHA quickly come to one`s mind but their success stories remain a mystery probably because of their marketing

An interesting report by By Komborerai Murimba  which was unfortunately  pulled down from http://teqno-magazine.co.zw/ also suggested  that “The problem with the social networks currently online is not that they don’t work, no. The issue is actually that they are standard pieces of technology not tailor-made for Zimbabwe. So little imagination and experience was used in tailoring them to even appeal to the intended audience as well as successful sites like how Zimbojam have grabbed the hearts of Zimbabweans.

Ofcourse for reasons best known to the writer, he went on to say that ZimboJam`s founder Fungai Tichawangana would be the best candidate to run behind such a vision due to his exposure in social networking not technological understanding.

With such attempts and develpments, it goes to show that there is an interest for a local social networkplatform, The Chinese have introduced their own  twitter called Sina Weibo and have their own Whatsapp called We Chat.

Do you think Zimbabweans can pull off theirs too? Food for thought.


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