Zimbabwe's First Co-Work Space Launching! "Batanai To create"


They may have been known by many technology enthusiasts as Innovation Baraza, or maybe rather as a force that has been heavily advocating for the creation of startup environment and innovation hub across technology,industry and commerce.
Last night we witnessed the ground breaking of Zimbabwe’s first co working space, which is a major milestone in creating an environment that enables the development of any idea while the users will also be granted an open space to develop their ideas and get support from various stakeholders and potential funders from industry, commerce and business.
batanai co working space delegtes

The place will act as an aggregator, this will not be a hub but a place for people with different ideas to meet potential investors people, its the place for people from High density and low density, all Zimbabwean from different ecosystem who will work on various solutions.

Dr Nginya Mungai Lenneiye said whatever problem that we may have  in the spirit of entrepreneurship which Zimbabwean would want to solve, this will be theultimat space for the players.
The place will be providing Internet access to any Zimbabwean developing or working on any research and they will be charged a nominal fee to become a member while they shall be extra benefits for the players to take the space.
The huge co working space is set to be officially launched by next week, a group decision makers, developers and stakeholders came to officially witness the first ground breaking meet up which sets the tone on the next big thing to happen to Zimbabwe.
This move comes in few months after the collapse of a local hub, amid financial constraints but Dr Mungai said that they will not be worried about that, Thanks to Old Mutual who has partnered with them with rental free co space, which they may start paying on months later , a time hopefully the project will be self sustainable.
The co-space i going to play a crtical role to avail cheap space for idea and solution development for Zimbabwean players who have seldom complained about unemployment and lack of support to develop their ideas.

Nicole Madziwa

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