Zimbabwean Launches “Zim Click Clicker”, A Local Twitter Platform

A young Zimbabwean  coder Artwell Makumbe, who once  hogged  our headlines as  the man behind the creation of  a local Facebook for Zimbabweans, called www.zimclick.net/has once again hit the spotlight, this time with a local twitter like social network called Zimclicker which has attracted 400 users in its first day of operation.Artwell Makumbe

After creating so much buzz about the Zimclicker initiative on the social network, Artwell yesterday posted “we are now 403 users in just 55 minutes , oh thank you Zimclick fans” so much fans for a new initiative!


While we definitely give thumbs up to the initiative, it is with deep regret that we find his choice of colours, distasteful for a platform that resembles social network for professionals, the green red and yellow colours (So much for the rasta love perhaps )will greatly work against creating the desired image.

A quick look into the website has the same functions redesigned  just the popular, hopefully, the idea will become popular like the Chinese version of twitter called the weibo

The website consists of :







If you cant see the home button, you are not alone, we also could not find it, hopefully the designer will quickly incorporate the missing basic, clicking on the logo ofcourse takes you to the home page.

A slot in which a user can view his/her personal information of his/her social activity, there is also the
Inbox and Outbox
A slot which consists of messages that are sent by followers, the messages are repesented by the inbox, the outbox consists of  sent messages by the user to the followers that he/she follows
In this slot you will find mentions from users who followed you, these replies will be from your conversations that you have with the followers.

In Context
The posts have an “in context” option were a user click and see the whole conversation that you were having, or let’s say if it’s a celebrity conversation you can view it all.


The website also has a favorite’s slot which shows all the posts that you were your favorite and followers that put you on favorite too.

zim click 2



The user can also design his or her page with background picture and colour tone of his/user choice. Users also have an avatar slot which has a minimum of 64mb’z and that’s pretty much of a good number.
Zimclick is definitely a game starter in the realm of technological advancement in Zimbabwe, I salute this gentleman for his invention but well, nothing goes without a critique.


I thought to myself isn’t this a direct replica of Twitter with different titles and setup?, I think this needs some revisiting to add more uniqueness rather than redesigning something which has been designed.

Be it as it may there are a vast number of advantages about Zimclick which are :

  • Zimbabweans locally based and abroad can now link up on a social platform that belongs to an inventor who comes from Zimbabwe.
  • Organizations can find it much easier to market their products on a targeted platform, which means Zimbabweans will see the advert, alertness, news feed and announcements that an organization makes.
  • As for Artist, Politicians and influential people, it will become easier to reach out to the audience and followers because, there will be high rate of response since both ends of communication would have a common link of being from Zimbabwe.
  • Zimbabweans can now interact on their own local platform with Zimclick being a product of our own which makes it a source of local pride

Well folks let’s see how far this will go in as far as tech matters are concerned, its just a click away here: 

What are your thoughts on this project

Onwell Matienga

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