Zimbabwean Launches "Ndeipi" A Better Than Whatsapp Solution.


The Chinese have launched their own Whatsapp called Wechat, South Africa has their Mxit and now Zimbabwe is likely to take over with this new instant messaging app called Ndeipi!  “A Shona version of saying “Whatsapp.”
The application has basically looked into all the weaknesses you hate  about Whatsapp and picked few strengths across other apps to beat the limitation that Whatsapp and every other Instant messaging App had.
Download the Android Based Ndeipi app here we could not find any results for  IOS device from iTunes, nor Windows For  phones
 By Marshal Saonga
Here are some interesting features on the Ndeipi application.
The application has got a message self-timer which lets you time how long a message will last before its self distructs on the application. This is one of the functions that is on Snap Chat but not on Whatsapp.
The messages can be encrypted on both ends which means that one can delete a message and both chats will not have that message after the message is delete.
The message will Leave no trace on the servers which means the servers will not keep that information which is sent on a Private.
The other special security feature is that no one can be able to forward a message which means your messages will be safe if you are considering security.
One other special feature of secure messaging is if one takes a screen shot the both the sender and the receiver will be notified on the messaing space  .
Document Transfer
The special feature which Ndeipi is the ability to send all kinds of media and DOCUMENTS on the application which means you can now send any kind of file on the instant messaging application. This has been a major problem on Whatsapp and Ndeipi has answered that.
Ndeipi seems to be smoother than Whatsapp and more colourful with different colours on the contact list. The contact scroll bar on Ndeipi  is much more smoother than the one on Whatsapp. Personally I found Ndeipi more fun, attractive and easier to use than Whatsapp.
Why I chose Whatsapp on this article may be one of the main concern but looking at the number of Instant messaging applications Whatsapp is the biggest and this time it has been outmatched by Ndeipi.
Out of those Applications above I will pick Ndeipi first and the rest follow except for Whatsapp because of the one step back , two steps privacy breach from the blue ticks, online visibility options (whereby you cant see if someone is online or not if you deactivate your online visibility ) which are kind of unfair.
Be it as it may Ndeipi still have a long and I mean a very long way to go when it comes to the application users, firstly so far they are just above 500 users which have downloaded the application and compared to Whatsapp that’s a number gained in a 10 minutes or less with their 1 billion number of downloads.
which in my own point of view is kind of a bad idea when it comes to originality of a brand name.
The application is almost the same as Whatsapp with the likes of group creation,  media transfers, broadcasting to your contacts but according to my personal experience with the app,it is by far better than WhatsApp in terms of security, appearance and functionality.
I think Ndeipi deserves a better name and more users and we can see a quick rise of a new universal instant messaging application.
The Creature called Whatsapp has taken over the Instant Messaging business being the largest Instant Messaging Application with over a billion users.

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