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Zimbabwe Teachers Strike, Parents Urged Not Pay For Extra Lessons


Zimbabwean government teachers  have  gone on a full scale strike, with some not even attending to classes while a majority  have  sat in across the nation,  making schools a playground for millions nationwide.

Their plight to earn a living wage has been continuously falling on deaf ears and now have vowed not to attend to any educational lessons if their grievances are not gig to be addressed.

In a tour done  by TechMagTV in and around Harare, all primary school pupils at government schools  were either sent away back home or just playing at school with no teachers attending to them.

The Progressive Teachers Union of Zimbabwe  in a statement said

Teachers are not ready for the reopening of school. What they expect is the
announcement that government has reviewed their salaries with effect from January 2022. It does not make sense that the government is content to remunerate its employees with about

None of our members managed to meet their very basic expenses with the measly amount they received as salaries on 18th January, 2022. Why anyone believes teachers managed to spare anything from that amount so they can report for duty on 7 February, 2022 beats us.

Our members are pauperized to the extent that none of them, with the money paid to them on 18th January, is able to pay for school or college fees for their
dependents. It does not make sense that government expects our members to teach other people’s children while ours are at home. No teacher can send their children or dependents to boarding schools, which even puts those teaching there in a

Teachers like any other citizen deserve to earn a living wage, and must afford to school their own  children, pay for basic  services, and save for their investments,  hence their strike is justified said Majongwe.

Parents  have  also been urged  not to pay for extra lessons as that creates an unfavorable situation  for millions who are suffering  but can  not access the  same service.

In a prior live interview, Majongwe  said that parents must desist from the practice of paying for extra lessons for their children, this encourages  a few to continue  teaching privately, at the expense of others and the education sector as a whole, many more teachers are failing to  do basics like feeding own families, schooling  own children and even saving for a few assets.

Few who will get extra  lessons may  survive  in the short term but still in the long term, this is not sustainable.


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