Zimbabwe Power Supply Producing Only Half Capacity At 1 400Megawatts


Zimbabwe Power Supply is producing only half its capacity at 1 400megawatts presently averaing 1 400 megawatts (MW) against a demand of up to 2 200MW.This explains Zimbabwe’s power challenges  which had been worsened by the shortage of imports from the
region as Hidroeléctrica de Cahora Bassa (HCB) of Mozambique and Eskom of South Africa who were also experiencing similar if not worse power deficits.

The deficit is being minimized through imports and load-shedding.
From the major generation plants. Zimbabwe was yesterday generating 1 118MW from Munyati 14MW, Bulawayo 14MW, Harare 11MW, Kariba 827MW and Hwange 252MW.

“Accordingly, the power utility will further reduce load-shedding and consumers are advised to use the available power sparingly to minimise the prospects of load-shedding,” said the Acting Minister of Energy and Power Development Dr Muswere.

Zesa said plans were on course for the utility to start importing up to 400MW from Mozambique and Zambia to help improve supply and put an end to the crippling power challenges.Besides imports, Zimbabwe is expecting to get more power into the national grid from several thermal and renewable power projects that are expected to add 150MW by year end.

The joint venture coal-fired power station being built by Chinese investors and their Zimbabwean counterparts under Zimbabwe Zhongxin Electrical Energy Limited (ZZEE) in Hwange started feeding 50MW into the national grid while 10 other renewable energy projects are expected to provide about 100MW.

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