Zimbabwe Plugs Up to World Telecoms Day 2017

Zimbabwe over the weekend, belartedly joined the world to commemorate the international World Telecoms Day event which was being held in Plumtree, Matabaleland South of Zimbabwe.

Speaking during the commemoration, The guest of Honor, ICT Postal and courier services minisister Supa Mandiwanzira said Zimbabwe had more to do to allign itself to the global celebration and the theme, “big data for big impact” which is still relatively a new term to millions.

On face value, The subject is relatively new to most Zimbweans and we are continously  looking into ways how Zimbabwe can benefit as we aspire for social inclusion and nation coersion. As both government owned and private players have already begun investing millions into data centre with Telone recently launching its own data centre while liqid telecom has also put up its local servers

Ths is the day we must celebrate while ensurig that there is communication infrastructure development around the nation

Potraz Deputy Director General Mr Alfred Marisa briefieng the attendees on the history of the association and its relavance to Zimbabwe,highlighted how we should be actively involved in the process not merely commemorating

The world information day was celebrated annually on the 17th of May since 1969, in Nov 2006 THE ITU decided to celebrate both the World Telecoms and the World Information Society Day, by organizing appropriate national programmes with a view to stimulating and exchanging ideas on anything that is adopted by the ITU council, debating the various aspects of the theme with partners in society and formulating a report reflecting national discussions on the issues the underling theme to be fed to the ITU and the rest of theITU members.

It is the expectation of the ITU, that prior to holding commemorations the regulator should have events, nationally and localesed to the provinces, encouraging debates on issues relating or surrounding the theme and feed into government policy as well as informing the  into the ITU.


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