Zimbabwe Mobile Penetration Jumps to 91.3%


Zimbabwe national mobile penetration has jumped by 3.5% from last quarter statistics of 87.8% to 91.3% in the last quarter, according to the latest Potraz quarterly sector report.
This basically means that 91% of Zimbabweans have mobile phones, whether smartphones or basic handsets, which enables them to make  basic voice calls.
A total subscribers of 13,481,527 were recorded in the second quarter of 2021 from 12,970,615 recorded in the first quarter of 2021.

The figure could be way above the nation’s total population, meaning other Zimbabweans could be have dual phones .
All mobile operators in the country recorded growth in active subscriptions, in varying magnitudes.

Strangely more Zimbabwe Voice Usage Still Surging as evidenced by the 13.4% growth recorded by the industry based on the quarterly report

Kudzai Madziva

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