Zimbabwe Internet Governance Forum (ZIGF) Begins Online Open Consultation

The Zimbabwe Internet Governance Forum (ZIGF) is coordinating responses to the Online Open Consultation process which is being initiated by the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) Council Working Group on international Internet-related public policy issues (CWG-Internet).

By Cisco Eng. Shingie Lev Muringi 

Running under the theme “Building an enabling environment for access to the Internet”, this consultation is open to all stakeholders from ITU Member States and is running until September 2016. All interested stakeholders are invited to contribute to this process by answering the following questions, on the appropriate threads of the ZIGF Blog at www.zigf.org.zw:

Answering the below questions will help your decision and policy makers to improve Internet Service Provision to suit your community’s Internet related needs. This is a call for every responsible citizen and corporates to provide honest opinions on what they expect to be delivered by all Internet Service Providers and regulators. Below are the Questions which you may provide your suitable responses:

Building an enabling environment for access to the Internet

  1. What are the elements of an enabling environment to promote Internet connectivity?
  2. What are the elements of an enabling environment to promote an affordable Internet?
  3. What are the elements of an enabling environment to promote the quality of access to the Internet?
  4. What are the elements of an enabling environment to build confidence and security in the use of the Internet?
  5. What is the role of Governments in building an enabling environment?

To contribute, please click on the ‘Read more’ button on the question that you wish to contribute on when you are logged on www.zigf.org.zw . This will display another window at the bottom of which will be a discussion box written ‘Join the discussion …..’. You can type your contribution and save in that window. The Questions are numbered 1 to 5. You need to go to the blog posts of the questions in order to contribute.

The closing date for contributions is 12 August 2016, to enable the ZIGF to consolidate all stakeholder contributions. Prior to the closing date, the ZIGF will host some stakeholder breakfast meetings to discuss these questions. Stakeholders are requested to provide their email addresses with their contributions so that they can be notified of these meetings. For any inquiries you can contact the ZIGF secretariat at [email protected]. Contributions can also be made by email to the same address.

The Zimbabwe Internet Governance Forum was a formed as a multi-stakeholder forum for public policy dialogue on issues of Internet Governance in Zimbabwe. It brings together all stakeholders in the Internet governance debate, those representing the government, the private sector, the civil society, the technical community, and the academic community, on an equal basis through an open and inclusive process.





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