Zimbabwe Online Human Trafficker For Sex Slaves, Suspect Now In Court

Few weeks back, TechnoMag broke the Human trafficking story of a Zimbabwean Woman Shamila Roopen (35), who allegedly posted an advert www.classifieds.co.zw to lure unsuspecting “house maids” job seekers into human trafficking appeared in court yesterday.
Shamila Roopen

In a proof test that Zimbabweans are using technology to achieve their day to day objectives, 22 of Zimbabwean woman had already responded to the house maid “Job Offer” and are suspected to have been headed for sexual exploitation as commercial sex slaves for Saudi Arabia leading to alert Zimbabwean Criminal Investigation Department (C.I.D) officer to intercept the ploy.

Shamila is reported to be the Zimbabwean syndicate collecting the unsuspecting females for international job offers and allegedly posted this advert on Zimbabwe`s largest classified website .

In her defence, Roopen told the court that she was acting on behalf of Ian Recruitment, a company based in Saudi Arabia.
“I own a company in Zimbabwe called Pursuit Employment Agency, which is registered in terms of the law and I deny recruiting, transferring or harbouring anyone for purposes of human trafficking,” she said.

During the court session, one of the 22 ladies who responded to the advert testified that “I then met the accused, the same month at Kwame Nkrumah (PSI offices) for HIV tests. After I tested negative I was told to come back for hepatitis tests on January 22 at Red Crescent Clinic with my passport as well.

“I went for the tests and was told that my passport was to have a visa. I was also told that she would advise me for further proceedings,” she said.

Shamila Roopen denies the human trafficking charges, she said she was only a recruiting agent for a Saudi Arabia-based company owned by Ibrahim Abdullah Al-Neghaimish.

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