Zimbabwe Govt Websites Go Down

Top Zimbabwean government websites are currently down, showing the same error across their home pages, in a move highly suspected to be nothing much but poor webserver services.

Top amongst the website is the Office of the President and cabinet (OPC), the ministry of ICT Postal and courier services, the suspected host , Government Internet Service Provider (GISP), the registrar office, ministry of transport, department of deedsMinistry of Industry and Commerce, ministry of tourism, and many more

We can only speculate that their host, which is the Government Internet Service Provider (GISP) which is also down may be the main cause of the down time.

We could not ascertain for how long this has been ongoing but can confirm that till now 2000hrs  all these websites are offline suffering from a 503 error

A 503 Service Unavailable is an http message that simply means that the hosting site or webserver is not reachable.

This could be caused by maintenance, where in most cases, a knowledgeable web admin will put up the server in maintenance mode, and not a 503 error, which is only retained to a web browser after succesive attempts fail to connect to the address.

Probably these government ministries could do so much more by utilizing the empty server space at TelOne  data centre, instead of continuously trying these failing webhosting solutions.

The  Potraz website Zimbabwean government  and the Parliament of Zimbabwe and are amongst the top websites that survived the shame. This is probably because they are hosted separately at their respective locations.

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