Zimbabwe Fights HIV via Technology

Toneo T Rutsito
The HIV prevalence rate in Zimbabwe has been reasonable coming down as the Zimbabwean government recently announced the tremendous change.
We are however not sure if this is mainly driven by behavior change buoyed buy mass HIV awareness campaigns doing circles in Zimbabwe or probably driven by the number of people who are slowly embracing the idea of being tested and coming out in the open.

With current rate of 10% of Zimbabweans being HIV positive, the is still worrying and i feel much has to be done to educate the youths against the pandemic as much as we need to avail drugs and solutions for those living with the HIV virus.

TechnoMag found this article of how Technology is being used in the war against the virus quite interesting and a good stating point to try and change our world

Here is more by Waltham, Massachusetts
Alere Inc. is pleased to announce that, with the aid of a revolutionary point-of-care device, World Health Clinicians, a US-based nongovernmental organization, were able to provide absolute CD4 counts for patients living with HIV in rural Zimbabwe in under 20 minutes. This outcome is the result of a proof-of-concept evaluation World Health Clinicians performed in conjunction with the Zimbabwean Ministry of Health. Zimbabwe has a population of approximately 11.6 million people, 1.2 million of whom are infected with HIV.
In HIV-infected individuals, total CD4 count is the most robust surrogate marker for immune competence, identifying when patients need to start life-saving, antiretroviral therapy. As part of its evaluation, the World Health Clinicians team ran rapid HIV screening tests as well as total CD4 cell counts, providing a complete set of results in less than one hour, a service that is currently unavailable in even the most developed parts of the world. More information about the evaluation and its results can be found by accessing the link below.
You may Watch the Video Here
Designed and engineered in Germany, the Alere Pima™ CD4 test provides an accurate, absolute CD4 count using a small amount of blood drawn from a fingerstick. The analyzer weighs 2.5kg (5.5lbs) and runs on either battery or A/C power, allowing for easy transport and use in even the most remote and challenging environments.
In particular, the Alere Pima™ CD4 test enabled the team from World Health Clinicians to conduct house-to-house CD4 testing outside the clinic, reaching patients who would otherwise go without results. Moreover, when the clinic lost power for 3 ½ hours, a common occurrence in the region, the team was able to switch to battery-operated power and continue CD4 testing.
“I think this is one of the most practical systems I’ve ever seen–for the fact that it’s so lightweight, it lasts so long with the back-up battery, and it takes twenty minutes and a single fingerstick to run,” said Dr Gary Blick, CEO of World Health Clinicians. “I would love to have access to this in the United States.”
Alere, a leading provider of near-patient diagnostics, is committed to developing solutions that support the screening and monitoring of people living with HIV. The company manufactures a range of point-of-care diagnostics for HIV screening, monitoring and the detection of such co-morbidities as tuberculosis, including the Alere Determine™ HIV-1/2 and the Alere Determine™ TB LAM Ag tests.
For more information about Alere’s diagnostic tools for chronic HIV management, go to http://www.AlereHIV.com.

Source-Yahoo News

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