Zimbabwe Creates First ICDL Mobile App Ever

International Computer Drivers License (ICDL) in Zimbabwe has gained prominence over the years as evidenced by the swelling number of Zimbabweans who partake the course overseen by the Computer Society of Zimbabwe.

ICDL is the world’s leading computer skills certification which is given to computer enthusiasts.

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Accessing the modules for this course has been a problem which prompted an application developer from The Computer Society of Zimbabwe (CSZ) Charles Muzonzini to come up with the first application in Zimbabwe of that nature called ICDL Africa Zim application.

The application developed in June 2016 can be accessed on Google Play.

“ It was developed from May – June 2016, took approximately 6 weeks from start to finish,” he said. “The biggest Challenge was developing the app in a very short space of time. I was assigned the project in mid May 2016, and it had to be ready by the annual ICDL forums which took place on 30 June 2016. We succeeded in meeting this deadline and launched the app at the event,” he said.

ICDL Africa Zim is packed with lots of features to assist in improving one’s career prospects with this globally recognized computer literacy certification. The app gives latest updates regarding ICDL though push notifications. It also helps users find nearby centers for ICDL training and sitting for exams.
The application also keeps users on the loop about latest ICDL Modules and respective syllabi.
“Your ICDL online profile right in the palm of your hand! For those considering becoming an accredited ICDL center you can apply right within the app.
“Access frequently asked questions. You can also get frequent updates,” said Muzonzini.
Muzonzini added that apart from the limited time space for creating ICDL coding the application was a toll task.
“The other big challenge was actually coding the application. The ICDL app is my first published app, so it was a challenge embarking on something I’d never done before in addition to the short timeframe,” he said.

“The application is available only for Android. The main challenge now is creating versions for iOS and Windows Phone, as well as keeping the content on the application updated.

“This is very important as the most valuable thing in any application is having content that is fresh and relevant to the users,” said Muzonzini.

CSZ are the ICDL National Operator for Zimbabwe. Since 1999, CSZ has been administering the International Computer Driving Licence (ICDL) in an endeavour to promote the level of computer literacy and competency nation-wide. NAMACO (National Manpower Advisory Council) has recommended that ICDL be the standard for entry level ICT education.

ICDL Africa Zim Google Play Snapshot

ICDL Africa Zim Google Play Snapshot

When the ICDL program was adopted in Zimbabwe in 1999, banks, corporate organizations as well as private schools took up the program.

CABS one of the banks which was an early adopter required all its employees to go through the program and certify. They hired a trainer who was stationed at the bank for the duration of the project. After the project was completed any new employee would have to have the ICDL certification for them to be hired.

Delta Corporation was the first corporate to adopt the ICDL program. It also required all its employees to go through the program starting with the top management downwards.

In early 2000s several banks which included Stanbic, Zimbank Beverly Building Society and the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe adopted the ICDL programme for their employees. The Reserve Bank pushed 400 of its staff members through the certification. An outside trainer was contracted for the project.

Several universities in the country have also embraced the ICDL program. 90% of the private schools in Zimbabwe realised the value of the ICDL and quickly adopted the programme. 17 years down the line these schools are still certifying their students on the ICDL programme every year.

Zimbabwe continues to be early adopter for all new ICDL programmes, in early 2016 it began a pilot of the new ICT in Education module across 3 schools.

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