Zim-Vaxiglobal Built Travellers Safe Approved Digital Verification System


Zimbabwean Tech Start-up, Vaxiglobal which recently won the Kofi Annan Award for innovation in Africa, At the height of the Covid-19 pandemic, worked with laboratories, airlines and technology companies to build up a safe and approved digital verification system for travellers’ immunisation.

“It’s often impossible for busy border authorities to verify the names of doctors, and the supposed location where vaccinations occurred, by phone or email,” said Dr Integrity Mchechesi the co-founder back in 2020.

“After vaccination, the laboratories create a digital record in our system. The traveller gets a QR code on a mobile app or on paper, which is instantly verified by the border authorities, who can see where they got the vaccine and who gave it to them, as well as the batch number of the vaccine, which protects the authenticity of each and every vaccine.”

Currently, some 320,000 people are registered and during the Covid 19 pandemic, the company verified 1.1 million vaccine doses in a pilot project.

Meanwhile Austrian Foreign Minister Alexander Schallenberg added: “There is war in Europe again. The accompanying shock waves are also leaving deep scars on the African continent.

“Much of the progress we have made together in recent years in the field of development and health care is in danger of being wiped out.

“Added to this is the Russian blockade of food exports, which could develop into a humanitarian crisis, especially in North African states.

“The projects awarded today counter Putin’s cynicism with creative and innovative solutions.”

Kenyan winner myPaddi by MOBicure gives young people in Africa discreet access to sexual health. The app for web and mobile phone provides support in cases of sexual violence, avoiding teenage pregnancies or HIV infections.

Nigeria-based Flare Emergency Response provides uses a cloud-based solution to provide relief. Since its founding in 2016, Flare has saved more than 10,000 acute patients and, with its network, helped 4,000 babies to be born with optimal care in hospital.

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