Zim To Join International Energy Forum

By Tarisai Mudahondo

Zimbabwe has recently been invited to join the International Energy Forum (lEF), the largest global gathering of energy-producing and consuming nations.
Zimbabwe’s invitation is linked to its vast lithium deposits.

The IEF Secretary General Joseph McMonigle highlighted that the forum brings together a diverse range of stakeholders including participating countries from the International Energy Agency as well as key energy players like China, India and South Africa.

The invitation of Zimbabwe is seen as a positive endorsement of the nation’s ongoing economic revival and its efforts to engage with the international community.

The country is projected to fulfil as much as 25% of the world’s lithium demand and a US$ 1 billion project in Manhize is underway.

The IEF is an independent and neutral facilitator to open dialogue on energy with key global oil and gas actors helping to ensure transparency.

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