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Update From Beijing.

Its one thing to talk bout latest technology trending world over, and its surely another to come closer to it. Zimbabwe since last week has joined the world in China for the international seeds for the future program where Huawei gets to train the most outstanding technology students world wide.

We are in Beijing where today, the international community will witness the official launch of the program, after a few days of cultural familiarization and learning Chinese English, Zimbabwean students will fly to ShenZhen , the “Silicon Valley” of China where they will have hands on appreciation of world class technology.

By Toneo Tonderai Rutsito

Worldwide, the rapidly growing ICT industry has significantly changed business models and customer needs. As a result, the ICT industry ecosystem urgently requires a large number of technical staff who can address the challenges posed by this transformation.

In many countries, knowledge gap still exists between what is learned in the classroom and the skills that are necessary in the real world. Therefore, the pool of skilled personnel should be provided opportunities to learn and apply the latest technologies.












To help ICT professionals fill the gap between theory and practice and master the required skills, Huawei launched the Seeds for the Future program which connects global students to China.

The “Seeds for the Future” Program seeks to develop local ICT talent, transfer knowledge, promote a greater understanding of, and interest in, the telecommunications sector and encourage regional building and participation in the digital community.

For the first week from Jun 27 to 30, the students will have an opportunity to explore the Chinese Culture like Great Wall and Forbidden City and learn the Chinese Language oral practice, and the calligraphy― the art to how to write.

For the Second week in Shenzhen, the students will visit Huawei HQ in Shenzhen, which is the Special Economic Zone in the Southern Part of China. They will not only benefit from the first-hand learning opportunities through interactions with Huawei ICT experts and experience in Huawei laboratories with live demonstrations of the latest technology and do experiment, but also to have a cross culture learning experience there.



Zimbabwe attends huawei Seeeds for the Future 2016 seeds for the future media collage

Student will be enrolled under a serious technological training to help them grasp and master the art behind latest telecommunication technology from the voice based system to the IP based infrastructure. Their training will include

・ Mobile Internet Application and Development Trend (3G and 4G)
・ Intelligent Networks Application and Development Trend
・ GPON Fundamentals (IPTV, VoIP, HIS)
・ Cloud Pipe Device Overview and Typical Cloud

Huawei also announced that they will be giving certificates to students who perform well and pass the final exam on the Last day in China, since the students are required to write a exam. Those who pass the exams will get a certified certificate by Huawei University.

This is the second consecutive year, since Zimbabwe students benefited from the program, which saw 10 students also flying to China for the same training, as Huawei strives to impart knowledge to our future seed,

Nicole Madziwa

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