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Zim mobile app to help motorists locate fuel

A local technological company, Tinosoft has developed a mobile application that will enable users to locate service stations that are stocked with fuel and the methods of payment accepted by the companies.

Dubbed [email protected], the mobile application which is mainly used to post where fuel is available, the name of the service station, the location, mode of payment being accepted and fuel que updates.

The app is the brainchild of two IT developers Collen Tirivamwe and Kain Konje.

Explaining on how it works, Konje says anyone can post if they come across any fuel being served and the app updates in real time for all to see, and that anyone looking for fuel needs1 to search for updates either by the name of a particular service station or location and they will see the relevant update with the time it was updated.

Speaking on the advantages of using the app as compared to regular whatsapp group fuel updates, one of the creators of the app Kain Konje said the platform provides the specific areas where one may be looking for fuel.

“There are people who use fuel from specific stations and they would need to search for those only, [email protected] provides that convenience unlike WhatsApp groups where there are many messages, some of which could be irrelevant to your request,”

“One might ask if there’s fuel in a particular area and fail to get a response on a WhatsApp group either because the participants don’t know, or noone in the group lives or passed through that area, also members of tge group could be busy to attend to messages at that current time,” he said.

He added that, the app bring convinience in locating service stations with fuel.

“Our thrust is to simply bring convenience to the motoring public through the use of technology, we hope to be working hand in glove with fuel station companies so that they help ease the burden their customers are made to carry when they are looking for petrol or diesel,” he said.

Fuel finder apps have made it easier to locate either petrol or diesel, especially at a time when hundreds of Zimbabweans always queue on service stations to look for fuel.

For now the app is available for Android devices and coming soon on iOS. Users will need to have data in-order to access the app.

Nicole Madziwa

Google is currently testing a “download later” feature for Chrome.

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