Zim MNOs Record $375million In revenue growth


Zimbabwe Mobile Network Operators have recorded 50.1% revenue growth of $375,028,782 from $249,889,876 in the previous quarter, the 2019 second Quarter Abridged Sector Report has revealed.

Operating costs grew by 25.7%, as a result of the inflationary pressures in the economy; recording $233,660,532 from $185,900,349 in the first quarter.

The regulator acknowledged the challenges faced by the sector particularly, inflationary pressures, erratic power supplies that have affected network services as well as foreign currency shortages for procurement of essential equipment for network upgrades, adding that operators have implemented cost-containment measures in order to suppress escalating costs.

According to Potraz, the overall growth in mobile revenue is attributable to the increase in tariffs in the quarter under review as well as the transition from the multi-currency era, as some foreign currency denominated income is subjected to conversion at the official exchange rate.

The Average Revenue Per User (ARPU) also grew from $5.20 to $7.81. Average Costs per User (ACPU) by the end of the second quarter $5.32 from $4.32 and Average Margin Per User (AMPU) grew from $0.88 to $2.48.

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