Zim Local Smartphones Have Better Support.

The decision to  buy a new smartphone is centered on many factors that are as simple as personal love and attachment to the looks and feel of a smartphone while a cellphone user should also look into issues of maintaining the cellphone and service support.

I know of many cellphones that are literally dumped after a small technical problem simply because one has failed to find spares or support of the smartphone that literally renders the cellphone useless.

Zimbabwe has seen the rise of local cellphone suppliers, distributors and manufactures who are now offering guarantees and warranties over their products that gives you comfort and peace of mind after purchasing your mobile device.

Local players have played a major role to make sure that they come in and cover the exposure that has left many Zimbabweans despaired and helped them cover against unscrupulous and fake mobile phones which no one can even support.

ximex mall cellphone traders

ximex mall cellphone traders

While major global  cellphone manufactures like Samsung, Apple and Huawei almost have got spares  available due to the popularity of their brands, the same problem often befalls many Zimbabweans  especially when they launch their latest smartphones.

Besides these support issues, it also makes a strong business for these local players to replace and repair their own phones, since they still get to charge for the support service while maintaining a small and reasonable charge to cushion the customer.

Gtel Zimbabwe, Huawei and Astro are some of the  local players that all offer different warranty packages for their customers and have already taken the market by storm  as millions of Zimbabweans are finally finding comfort and developing confidence in their products.

Huawei an internationally acclaimed brand has developed a huge local market that is sustainable and have been well received by the Zimbabwe market, while globally they have maintained the world’s third smart phone maker position.

Gtel has gone through serious market dynamics and branding, which  started as G-tide, they have dumped the old brand name and brought in the Gtel brand that has reliable and full support smartphones with local warranty and guarantee in Zimbabwe, probably one of the fastest selling nationwide.

Astro has jumped on the same bandwagon with free touch screen replacements for their  latest slide series, giving one peace of mind after parting with hundreds of dollars.

Another major advantage of buying local is the trade in and upgrades promotion that these players often have. This makes  the cellphone support more reliable and warrantees that the deal does not end once you give them your money.

Probably the major device pusher that we have seen is the flexible monthly installments payment option that you get. This has allowed most salaried and SMEs to buy now and pay later on most cellphones. The monthly payments are so flexible that anyone especially the reliable salaried Zimbabweans can own any cellphone , which they can pay over a premium.

Such initiatives have directly moved Zimbabwe’s mobile and data penetration rate as the cost of cellphones and flexible terms have allowed thousands to be first time owners of cellphones in Zimbabwe.

These are serious benefits that one accesses by simply buying local which more importantly guarantees full ownership of a cellphone to any user with world class support, especially if you buy directly from the shops you can claim your warranty.

Nicole Madziwa

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