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Zim importing electric vehicles: CMED

Last year sometime in February the Zimbabwe Energy Regulatory Authority (ZERA) said that government had okayed the procurement of electric vehicles in the country.

Ofcourse the announcement came on the sidelines of fuel shortages that have haunted the country since last year. Statistically, Zimbabwe has been using 7.6 million litres of both petrol and diesel daily and predictions were that the figure would increase if an alternative is not effected.

ZERA acting chief executive officer Eddington Muzarabani last year said that a demonstration of an electric vehicle was to be on the streets by Christmas.

The initiative sounded and still sounds like a pipeline dream. Nevertheless fast forward to January 2020 government through the Central Mechanical Equipment Department CMED says plans are underway to import electric vehicles ‘soon’.

In an interview with Zbc news this Monday, CMED Managing Director, Davison Mhaka said the initiative will go a long way in saving foreign currency for importing fuel.

“Soon we are going to import vehicles which are electrically powered. As CMED we are under government we are going to implement this initiative so that others will copy from us,” he said.

Not to sound like a pessimist but the challenge with our government and some of their policies is that they have no time frames for their projects also no follow-ups are done especially with regards to what they want to achieve.

Worse still this may not really be a priority as many Zimbabweans are reeling from poverty with nearly half of the population being food insecure, but I guess we all going to do with vegetables and potatoes.

Anyway, unless the government opts for hybrid vehicles- the ones that use more than one means of propulsion – that means combining a petrol or diesel engine with an electric motor. Hybrid cars are much more affordable, purely electric cars will not come cheap with small vehicles like the Renault Zoe costing around US$21000.

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