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ATU africa Telecommunications Union delegates Zimbabwe 2Zimbabwe is currently hosting the fourth session of the ongoing strategic two week telecommunication conference which has attracted 42 African countries represented by their ICT ministers, permanent secretaries and telecommunication regulators.

The fourth session of the African Telecommunication Union (ATU), is currently being held at the Harare International Conference Centre , HICC in Harare where the African Telecommunication Union secretary general, Abdoulkarim Soumaila has already shared his remarks on the African telecommunication.

The Vice President of Zimbabwe Hon Teurai Ropa Mujuru will be officially opening the prestigious and Africa`s most strategic telecommunications conference tomorrow (Thursday).

By Toneo Tonderai Rutsito

By the time of going to press, a total of 37 out of 42 African countries were already in Zimbabwe plus a total number of 307 delegates who are already taking part during the conference.
Also along the same conference, there is a special Conference of Plenipotentiaries,(CPL14). The countries which are attending the CPL14 to seek for Africa`s support for various ITU positions include Canada, China, Japan, South Korea, Poland, Russia, Turkey, Ukraine, USA and UK
The African Telecommunications Union, is an affiliation to the International Telecommunications Union (ITU), which was born out of the need to develop telecommunication networks and services in an integrated and concerted way and the need for speed in developing telecommunications in Africa.
Amongst their top objectives, the ATU seeks
• The promotion and development of appropriate African Telecommunications policies and frameworks
• The funding of telecommunications development
• Development of rural telecommunications
• Co-ordination of the strategies and position of member states in preparation for and at international meetings and
• The undertaking of studies in the field of inter-communication for the benefit of members states and associate members
It is important for Zimbabwe to be part of the Union so that the country is not left out in terms of the development of telecommunication systems and for purposes of ensuring that we do not act out of sync with other countries, as telecommunications systems for different countries are interdependent on each other.
Being a member of the Union will also ensure that when Zimbabwe takes a particular position in relation to international telecommunications, and mobilise support from its African counterparts.
Also a delegation of The Conference of Plenipotentiaries (CPL14) which consists of duly accredited delegations of Member States headed by the Ministers in charge of Telecommunications or any other Plenipotentiaries designated by Member States.

This Conference is convened in an Ordinary Session every four (4) years at the request of the Administrative Council or a Member State. It can also be subject to the agreement of 2/3 (two-thirds) majority of the members, meet in an Extraordinary Session.

This conference also serves as a preparatory meeting for International telecommunications Union Plenipotentiary conference scheduled for October 2014,in Busan, South Korea .
The Plenipotentiary Conference is the top policy making body and supreme organ of the International Telecommunications Union which adopts the underlying policies of the organisation, determine its structures and activities, establish the financial plan of the organisation and revises the constitution and convention as well as governing rules of the organisation.
ATU africa Telecommunications Union delegates Zimbabwe
From today there will be Conference Preparatory Committee (CPC) meeting.
Activities from Wednesday 9 to 11 July 2014 (TheCPL14 proceedings)
Wednesday & Thursday morning
• There will be Conference Preparatory Committee (CPC) meeting. This is a meeting of experts to consider recommendations of the ATU Special Admin Council meeting and resolutions. The difference with the Admin Council is that CPC is open to all members of ATU, it therefore facilitates smooth flow of the CPL14 because all members will be present to debate all issues to be presented to CPL14. Thus their agenda is exactly the same agenda with CPL14.
Thursday 10th July
• Meeting of Heads of delegation 14.15 hrs
• Opening ceremony 14.30 hrs
• Tea Break
• Appointment of bureau
• Report of Credentials Committee
• Adoption of the Draft Agenda & work schedule
• Statements by Heads of delegation
• Report of the Conference Preparatory Committee (CPC)
• Dinner
Friday 11th July 7, 2014
• Conduct of elections:
1) Members of the Admin Council …….50% of the total membership , each Region provides 50% thus SADC will provide 5 members states and Zimbabwe is seeking re-election into the council.
2) Secretary General ….only 1 candidate who is the current Secretary General.
3) Adoption of the Final Acts
4) Reading of the Harare Declaration
5) Closing of CPL14

Zimbabwe takes so much pride to be associated with such a prestigious event. The Ministry of ICT, Courier and Postal Services (MICTPS)and the Postal and Telecommunications Regulatory authority of Zimbabwe, Potraz are organising the event.

Nicole Madziwa

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