Zim Gvt Needs 1521 Technology Teachers

Zimbabwe is facing a national deficit of 1 521 technology teachers across primary and secondary schools, an alarming figure calling urgent attention.


Government says there is an urgent need to address the serious shortage of science and information communication technology (ICT) teachers .


Speaking recently  during a media briefing in Harare, The Primary and Secondary Education Minister Lazarus Dokora said there is a  total deficit of 1 521 science and technology  teachers across  Zimbabwe’s 10 provinces.

He said “the situation is severe in the Midlands province where the vacancy percentage is more than 55 percent.
and the  ministry is in the process of deploying science kits to schools as a stop gap measure, adding that other modalities are being explored to mitigate the challenges that affect learning and expedite the mainstreaming of ICTs.”
The uptake of sciences and computers in schools has been on the low, particularly among the girl child and efforts are being made to encourage students to take up the subjects and curb the belief that sciences are a preserve of male students and only the intellectually gifted.


This amongst other factors greatly contributes against development  of sciences and ICTs  forcing  many who need to be enrolled to lose passion and faith in the sector.

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