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Zim Govt Explores De Beers Chair’s Farm Without His Permission


The Zimbabwe Government has stopped at nothing in its attainment of President Mnangagwa’s vision enunciated by his Minister of Mines and Mining Development Honourable Winston Chitando’s USD$12 billion Economy even if it means exploring Nicky Openheimmer, De Beers Chairman Zimbabwe’s Farm Without His Permission.

South Africa’s richest man behind “diamonds last forever”, the Oppenheimer’s Own a 65 000 haters Zimbabwean Farm which used to be 140 000 hacters until the land reform program resized portions of their land to share with the landless.A Canadian company was roped in by the Zimbabwe Government to Explored their farm without the Openheimmers approval so as to aid Zimbabwe’s US$12 Billion Economy By 2023, making this a ‘Game-Changing’ Project.

Minister of Mines and Mining Development Honourable Winston Chitando’s vision of a $12 billion dollar Mining Economy by next year will be fulfilled ahead of time and schedule with many Developments on the ground pointing to that.Duration Gold, the Canadian mining company is now in the mix at the centre of exploration at the richest man in South Africa, billionaire Oppenheimer family’s 65 000-hectare ranch in Zimbabwe, and the Canadian explorers say they are carrying out “game-changing” work in line with Minister Chitando’s roadmap which was launched and endorsed by President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s aim to build a R192-billion mining industry by 2023.

In an exclusive interview with TechnoMag, Minister of Mines Honourable Winston Chitando said, “The USD$12 billion dollar Mining industry is underpinned by six major minerals.First and foremost it’s underpinned by a huge increase in platinum which is based on 3 new projects, the Karo resources project..and we also have the Great Dykes project..Then we also have the Bravura project which will be operational by 2023.Over and above that we do have the three current producers being Mimmosa, Unki, and Zimplats.So the platinum sector alone is premised on a USD$3 billion dollar target to achieve the US$12 billion dollar Economy by 2023.Then we also have gold where we have lots of projects, large scale Mining and small scale Mining.The notable projects include but not limited to Shamva Mine, which was Graced by HE , will produce up to 5 tonnes, and Eureka will produce 1,5 tonnes, and also lots of increase in the artisanal gold production.”

”..then we also have gold were we have lots of breaches large scale mining and small scale mining..on the large scale miners the notable projects includes but not limited to shamva mine whose re-opening was graced by His EXCELLENCY. Which will produce up to 5 tonnes Eureka .so far one and a half tonnes a brand new production and lots of expansions in new projects and also lots of increase in the artisanal gold production which we are targeting .we are targeting to have 100 tonnes per annum by 2023 yes admittedly we witnessed a slump in production last year …BUT Government is working. and looking at the policy framework to see how we can how government can facilitate the production of 100 tonnes per annum of gold…”

The Oppenheimers got wind of the operation after workers at Shangani Ranch – which has 8 000 cattle, an unknown number of elephants and wildlife – spotted a plane flying over the ranch on 2 June and recorded the tail registration of the aircraft.

The plane was tracked to South African company Pearline Mineral Exploration, which then revealed that it had been hired by Duration Gold for mineral exploration.

On 6 June, Max Makuvise from Shangani Ranch met with Duration Gold officials, who told him what they were up to.

Through email communication, Duration Gold demanded a map of the property to make their exploration work easier.

“Would you kindly furnish us with a map showing the limits of Shangani Ranch and, if possible, the other neighbouring conservancies. It will help us to be able to plot the conservancies to guide us when we do ground exploration,” read the email.

Shangani Ranch then sought a court order to block exploration, which was granted while Pearline Mineral Exploration, at the behest of Duration Gold, sought paper work, such as the environmental impact assessment report.

In a statement, Duration Gold said it “launched an exciting, large-scale, exploration programme. Roping in world leader Xcalibur Airborne Geophysical Surveys from South Africa, the programme will culminate in the nation having a better appreciation of its mineral potential”.

Duration Gold said the work it intended to carry out on the Oppenheimer property and in other parts of the country was a game-changer for Zimbabwe’s mining industry.

“With a state-of-the-art and modern approach to airborne geophysical surveying, the radiometric and magnetic survey will be the second-largest such endeavour of its kind, following another such project conducted in the 1980s. However, the ‘game-changer’ this time will be the use of modern, cutting edge, technologies, which shall make the results much more comprehensive,” said Duration Gold.

“The survey dovetails with the call by President Emmerson Mnangagwa for investment in mining to partner the nation with a view to creating a multibillion-dollar mining industry as the nation heads to middle-income status as per the President’s vision,” the company added.

Chitando further told TechnoMag that, “We are targeting to have 100 tonnes per annum by 2023, …Then we also have diamonds where we have four players, ZCDC, Anjin, Alrosa who are coming into play and they have projects in Malipati, Beitbridge, Tsholotsho, and one or two other areas.Then we have Marowa Diamonds, and over and above that we are looking at beneficiation of the diamonds.Then the fourth mineral is chrome…”

Duration Gold is owned by Canadian national Allan Dolan. Quoted in the statement, Dolan said he was humbled that his company was in charge of such an important project.

“We are extremely humbled to be the company coming in to do this much-needed exercise, in what should help put the country firmly on the road to achieving the national targets as espoused by government in mining.

  • “Airborne surveys such as ours, hopefully inspiring many more, are a key cog in the development wheel heading towards that crucial middle-income economy status,” he said.
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