"Zim Dollar Era A Test We Passed", Compulink Founder


While many local companies and firms cried foul over the hyper-inflation and the introduction of the US dollar a few years ago, some others used the opportunity to grow their businesses and grow their companies.
Infact, according to Mr. Edward Nyamuda, the founder and CEO of Compulink Computers, “the best time to prepare for a flood is before the flood comes around, not during the disaster.”

Being a name already established in character and ethic, Mr. Nyamuda was able to stir his ship to safety amidst the sinking of most players in the industry.

By Phinias Shonayi
One, or several hands are not enough for anyone to count the number of still-born companies they saw dying in the Zim-crisis. Many of us tried trading in anything that was within our reach, from basic commodities, petrol and diesel, currency exchange, among other with various levels of success based on tenacity, connections or financial access.
Most of these dealings were, however, short-lived. Many small technology companies sprouted, due to the fall of the major players in the industry.
A few days ago, the TechnoMag team caught up with the Compulink Systems (Pvt) Ltd team and had a revealing tour of the systems, services and goals of the market frontier, who launched operation in July 1991, long before the Zimbabwe scourge.
The company is a Holistic Information, Communication and Telecommunications, Solutions Integration House offering business value solutions that drive industry and commerce.
The highly entrepreneurial Mr. Nyamuda had his share of downs that strongly challenged Compulink’s very existence, leading to the company almost starting from scratch. Asked for a comment, Mr. Edward Nyamuda said he owes his success to:
• A winner, never quit mentality
• Mentorship from various players and leaders in business and life.
• A united and supportive family
With 33years of broad working experience in the computer field, the founder and CEO is an Electrical Sciences Tripos B.A and M.A Degree holder from the University of Cambridge, UK.
He has previously run Novell courses attended by delegates from Zambia, Nigeria, Ghana, Cote D’Ivore and Cameroon on behalf of the UNDP. He also trained NCR Field Engineering Staff on Mainframe Hardware Maintenance for a number of months before moving to the Software department within the organization.
The strategic setup of Compulink’s service offerings are matched to clients’ business objectives, among them:
– Big Data Storage, backup, restore and data protection.
– Borderless Networking Solutions
– Server Virtualization and Consolidation
– Professional Services and Consultancy
– Campus WiFi Wireless Mobility Solutions
– Collaboration – Instant Messaging, Voice and Video Conferencing over Internet Protocol
– Data Center and Enterprise Resource Planning Solutions
– Primary, Secondary and Tertiary Academic Institution Campus Specific Solutions
– Service Level Agreements (SLA): Guaranteeing 99% uptime on client’s ICT investments.
Compulink offers a diverse range of information technology solutions to the financial, mining, insurance, manufacturing, retail, government, and parastatal sectors, coupling it with special relationships with the best in class international companies to achieve this.
Among its historical strategic partnerships are:
• Cisco- Select Partner for active networking equipment, which includes routers and switches, IP Telephones & Video Conferencing equipment.
• Net App- Silver Partner, specializing in computer security, data protection and remote management software.
• Avarion- innovative solutions based on multiple technologies across licensed and unlicensed.
• Authorised Partnership for VM Ware and we provide the full range of Services.
• Compulink is an authorized and installer of Krone and Molex cabling and terminating equipment.
In 2002, the company went regional, extending to Zambia. However, the office ran until 2007 in order to focus more on Zimbabwean activities.
The economic blueprint, Zimbabwe Agenda for Sustainable Socio-Economic Transformation (Zim Asset) whose mission is “To provide an enabling environment for sustainable economic empowerment and social transformation to the people of Zimbabwe” is also inscribed within the objectives of Compulink Systems. The company seeks to enhance economic recovery through the release of high ICT skills.
“In the near future, we will be becoming more prominent and key industry players participating in big data, virtualization, Cloud technology, Mobility and Security”, Mr. Nyamuda, a member of the Victory Business Forum said.
The company is forward looking, shown by its mentoring of future leaders, among them the new (for two years now) appointed Managing Director, Mr. Simon Nyamuda who took us on a tour of the company, showing us and explaining the state-of-the-art equipment Compulink Systems proudly supplies and installs.
You may not have known much about this company, but they have sponsored various national causes and organizations including the recently held Projects Showcase and Prize Giving for the Faculty of Science, which was hosted by the Computer Science Department in the University of Zimbabwe.
Compulink website is www.compulink.co.zw

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