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Zim does not have the most  expensive data  tariffs in Africa  : Potraz


The Postal and Telecommunications Regulatory Authority of Zimbabwe has dismissed  social media reports  claiming that  Zimbabwe has the most expensive data  tariffs in Africa ,stating the notion that 1 Gigabyte (GB) of mobile data costs USD75.20, is  inaccurate and flawed.

The reports emanated from a study done in 2019 by that is published on the website. 
Potraz states that the circulated infographic is outdated and inaccurate as it does not reflect the true state of affairs during 2019 as well as what is obtaining now in Zimbabwe and other SADC countries. 
In a statement Potraz Director Gift Machengete said ,”It is not true that Zimbabwe has the highest data tariffs of USD75.20 as portrayed by and the website in their flawed study results of 2019.”
” The highest price for Mobile data tariffs per Gigabyte in Zimbabwe was equivalent to USD20 in 2019. This has since reduced to USD15.50 since September 2020 to date.” 
He added that mobile Internet in Zimbabwe is relatively affordable comparable to those obtaining within the SADC region. 
POTRAZ also gave the cost of data in Zimbabwe for 2020 as a response to the exclusion of Zimbabwe in a study done by about global mobile data prices.
In light of the data issue , since last year Mobile operators and Internet Service Providers have been increasing data tariffs citing inflation , increase in operational costs.
The data tariffs have been increasing with stagnant  salaries eroded by inflation.
This has prompted #data must fall campaigns in the country with mobile users saying the charges are too high.
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